Inspiration 14 - Inside the Heart

In honor of the month of love here are this round's submissions for "Inside the Heart".  If you care to read more about a particular artist or their submission you can visit their artist page.  Links to artist pages are linked throughout this post as well as above in the Artist Page.  Thanks for visiting the ACoLab!

A special welcome to our newest participants Tammy and Charlene!  Be sure to check out their Artist pages and the links to their own blogs, shops, and other creative projects.  They are bound to inspire. 

"All for You"

" Inside the Heart "

" Inside the Heart "

"Shoe Love"
Shoe ♥

"Art. "
Photograph and Words

" Heart Summary "
Digital sketch
by Charlene

Thanks to everyone who submitted this round!  I hope to see you back here on the 5th when the theme will be "Fill in the Blank". 
March 5th - Inspiration #15 - Fill in the blank Project

"When I think about how ____________ is in the ___________ I just have to ____________." (This entry could have 3 different photos, one song, words, video...however you interpret this)
If you can't wait until the 5th check out the Extra Inspirations page.  Happy creating!

Artist Page - Tammy

welcome to tammy lee bradley , author of bliss and folly, a photography and creativity blog, treasure coast of florida, usa founder of mortal muses, kitchen and bath designer by day,  mad blogger and photographer by night. wife, mom to three young men, former corporate controller, and a feeder of four dogs.  i love freckles and fur, playing the pedal harp, losing myself behind the lens of my D90, airboating, rving, & reading.
Tammy Lee Bradley - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver
Find Tammy here:
mortal muses

(Submissions are listed in order of the most recent entry.)

Theme 14 inspiration: Inside the Heart
"Shoe Love"
Shoe ♥

Artist Page - Charlene

Creativity has always been an essential component of my life.  I feel the need and pull to create on a daily basis.  I believe this to be both a blessing and a privilege. My favorite art form generally revolves around photography but I have been known to enjoy painting as well!  Feel free to stop by my blog to learn a bit more about me.
Places you can find me:

(Submissions are listed in order of the most recent entry.) 

Theme 19 inspiration:  Spring

Theme 16 inspiration: At the End of the Rainbow
"My Kind of Gold"

Theme 15 inspiration: Fill in the Blank
 "Doggy Dreamland"
Theme 14 inspiration: Inside the Heart 
"Heart Summary"
Digital Sketch 
 (To read more about this piece please visit here)
When I consider the elements I hold most dear to my heart I soon realize they are all intertwined. One cannot exist without the other. If you erase one an unpleasant hole will reside. Remove them all and there would be no life force to keep me going. I would have no purpose.  

Extra Inspired - Joanna/Basquiat

Joanna was so inspired by Basquiat (one of the three artists in the "Extra Inspirations" section) this month that her blog is filled with images she's created and with stories about being sent off in new directions.  Please take a look at her blog to read more about the following.  If you missed Joanna's last Basquiat inspiration click here!

Below top: "Dextrose" by Jean-Michel Basquiat
Below bottom: Joanna's re-interpretation of "Dextrose"

Below left: "Loin" by Basquiat
Below right: "Loin" by Joanna

If you would like to participate in the ACoLab please do!  There are links at the top of the page with all the information you need to get started.  Happy creating!  And thanks Joanna!!

Extra Inspired - Stephanie/Uelsmann

The following is a piece Stephanie created.  She was inspired by one of the three artists listed on each month's "Extra Inspired" list.  Want to know more about this creation?  Hop over to Stephanie's blog.  Thanks for stopping by!

Inspiration 13 - Page 25 of a magazine

After hearing from Joanna about how every page 25 seems to be an advertisement I noticed the same!  However, it seemed like those submissions that were received were very inspired and so unique and imaginative.  A special welcome to our newest addition, Carrie!  If you would like to know more about a particular work just click on that artists name (located with each submission or on the left sidebar) to link to their page.

 "Permission to Come Aboard?!"

"Abelardo's Blind Spot"

4 Photographs

"Make Your Photos Sing"

"Page 25"
A songlette
by Doug

Thanks to everyone who participated!  If you would like to join in the fun, submissions are due every 5th and 20th of the month.  Hope to see you back here!  Oh, and if you can't wait, visit the "Extra Inspirations" page. 

Artist Page - Carrie

Do you love gardening and seeing the fruits that that hard work can produce?  (Look here)  How about buying lovely photographs?? (Then this is the place for you!) Oh!  What about a blog with beautiful photos, lovely stories, and tidings from Ireland??  (Go here!)  Ladies and Gentlemen, it's ACoLab's honor to introduce you to Carrie.  Here's a bit of what she had to share...  

I have always found solace in art as a way of expressing myself. As an lonely child I created my own worlds and was always creative, in order to cope with a stressful upbringing. When I was 15 it was discovered that I had developed permanent double vision, which has been operated on but can not be understood, so everything in my life has an element of the abstract. With my photography I want to share my view of the world, the beauty of the overlooked, the beauty in what others may think is ugly. Finding and capturing this beauty in the world and having is available to revisit is extremely important to me as I have chronic depression and often feel life is dark and overwhelming. I use my work as a way to communicate feelings that I maybe can't articulate well in words, it is a true blessing and therapy.  I love in the gorgeous country of N. Ireland in Carrickfergus (we have our very own Norman Castle) which is very close to Belfast.

Submissions below are listed from newest to oldest.

Theme 28 inspiration:  Seeing Red
"You Say Tomato"

Theme 26 inspiration:  Brushstrokes
"I'm Done!"
This is about the utter boredom that can take over when you are painting, you can see the frustration here with the way the paint is all carelessly spilt and that most terrible of DIY sins - not cleaning your brush afterwards!

Theme 22 inspiration: Something that frightens you
"All by Myself"

Theme 19 inspiration: Spring 
A very old courtyard in my home town of Carrickfergus with ancient Cherry and Apple trees all in full bloom - to me this is the sight that heralds spring, new hope, a bounty of goodness to come.

Theme 17 inspiration: Lies
Taken in Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh; this amusement arcade had been closed for years and was crumbling apart but some devilish scoundrel had left the sign up saying it was open.

Theme 14 inspiration: Inside Your Heart
There is a flickering flame of art burning, keeping me going, helping me express myself and (as well as my hubby) making my heart skip a beat.......

Theme 13 inspiration: Page 25 of A Magazine
"Permission to Come Aboard?!"
(Link to Carrie's blog to see her post as she intended)
I thought about how magazines can bring people together from all over the world plus paper in it's self is a medium for so much art - I love making paper boats = page 25 (which happens to be the letters to the editor page) used as a vehicle (literally in this case) to connect with others.

Extra Inspired - Joanna/Basquiat

The following was written by Joanna.  You can also see this inspired creation on her blog.  I love Jean-Michel Basquiat's work, it is fantastic.  I always have had a thing for the paintings he produced, so when I saw that this was a February "extra inspiration" over at ACoLab, I thought yey!

Below top: Basquiat's Brown Spots, (Portrait of Andy Warhol as a Banana) 1984
Below bottom: Homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat; (Portrait of Andy Warhol as a Banana)

This was such a lot of fun doing it that I am going to push myself to see if I can capture some more homages to him and his work as he is my muse for February.

Thanks Joanna!!  If you would like to submit your own creation inspired by one of the monthly "extra inspirations" please do.  Also, feel free to join us for our monthly submissions due on the 5th and 20th of every month.  Happy creating!