Inspiration #24 - Drama

It's funny how one simple word can be so challenging.  "Drama" is the prompt for round #24 and here are the submissions.  Thanks to those of you who submitted!  I think they're FANTASTIC!  As usual, click on the artist's name if you would like to learn more about their submission, read lyrics, or see other entries from past inspirations.  Thanks for visiting the ACoLab!

"Drama Queen"
A song by John
{Please give the upload a second after pressing the play button.  This song is fantastic and well worth a little wait.}

A photo by Danijela

"July's Show"
Photos by Anika
Hope to see you back here for round 25!  Due August 5th, join in with "Falling".  As always, you can participate anytime with the extra inspirations or create something from the ongoing inspirations.  Happy creating!

PS- I have had a couple requests to send out email reminders for upcoming deadlines.  If this is something you would like you can just let me know via the submit entry link on the left sidebar or leave a comment here with an email address.

Inspiration #24 Deadline Extended!

I just wanted to let you all know that I will not be able to post the next inspiration until Sunday or Monday so I am extending the deadline out -you can send me an entry for "Drama" anytime through Monday the 25th.  That's almost a whole extra week so bring it on!

Permanent Inspiration - Joy {by Teagan}

Our first of the new "Permanent Inspiration" is brought to you by our resident poet, Teagan.  Teagan explodes with creativity in every post on her blog so be sure to check her out.  For this first challenge I thought we could keep things somewhat similar to how we have been doing things already- Use her inspiration to create anything-a song, a recipe, a piece of visual art...whatever your imagination thinks up, then submit it. I will post it here and perhaps also in it's own post.  As always, whatever you submit will be added to your artist page as well.  Thanks Teagan for being the first imagination catalyst!

Teagan's permanent inspiration: Joy.
Here is wishing you some joy and some inspiration.  Happy creating!

July 15, 2011
by Joanna

"A Fleeting Glimpse of Joy"
Looking for something good to not pass by
Making you think what if, maybe, or why
The g-force of joy spreads across a face as it begins to giggle
These are moments of joy I never want to rush by

July 28, 2011
by Anika

October 18, 2011
by Ana

November 15, 2011
by Lisa
"Angel's Parasol"

New to the ACoLab - Permanent Inspirations!

One of my favorite things to do is collaborate with other artists, other imaginations.  It's always different and I always stumble onto seeing things in a way I wouldn't have if it wasn't for this other person.  I used to have a few sites I could join in and do this with other photographers but those sites have stopped, disappeared, changed...  I have been missing that collaborative spirit lately.  I love checking into the ACoLab to see how we all interpret the same thing differently but I would like to add some other features to the Lab for any of you who may feel like me and want to create with other people.

I plan on introducing a few different types of collaboration ideas over the next few weeks.  I think that all of these collaborations will be set up so that there aren't really any end that we can submit our projects whenever we see them and whenever we are inspired.  There also won't be a limit to how many times you can contribute.  If you think of something you wish you had done instead, couldn't decide between different ideas, thought of something weeks later...  submit it and I will add it to the post.  Submissions can still be handled in the same way-email me with your submission (Read the Lo-Down to learn more) and I will post it.  If you have a blog post about your submission please send that too as I can add a link on your artist page.  As always, if you have any questions you can email me via the "Submit Entry Here" link.  My email is anikatoro {at} gmail {dot} com.

I have added a new page to the blog as well entitled,  "Permanent Inspirations".  I will add indefinitely to each post so you can stop by whenever and check out new submissions.  I will also add a post here and there showcasing the newest additions so none of them get lost in the shuffle.  In the coming weeks I plan on introducing a few other ways we can collaborate including inspirations that will involve you and another artist and ones that require us to step out of our comfort zones.

If you would like to submit your own inspiration for the Permanent Inspirations please do!  Current inspirations are still going on as well.  You can click here to see which inspiration is coming up next.  Care to give it a go?  Look forward to seeing how you were inspired, happy creating!

Artist Page - Teagan

I'm a young dabbler mostly experimenting to search out some sense of style or self, so it's difficult to say much more about me as an artist.  I love working with photography, acrylic paints, mod podge and poetry.  Besides art, I've also recently started learning how to be a wife, a blogger, and a college graduate.  It doesn't take much to delight me, so anything is fair game when it comes to inspiration.  I'm sure my artwork is going to be a little hit-and-miss as I go along, so thanks for your patience.  We'll learn about this thing together - you teach me & I'll teach you. It'll keep us both humble.

Check out the imagination of Teagan on her blog, you will be happy you did. 

Inspiration #32 {Going With the Flow}
"Breathe Like the Ocean"

Permanent Inspiration {Joy}
Teagan created a poem to start of our first of the Permanent Inspiration series.  Thank you Teagan!
Today, Joy is my Companion.
We dance like tops spinning circles in the sun.
Inspiration #23 {Space}
"Young Star"
Photo, ink, and acrylic on canvas
We need space, room, to grow, but that empty blackness of space can be intimidating. This is just a bit of encouragement for the young stars in all of us - that our hope will foster courage and our light will begin to inhabit even the darkest of spaces surrounding us.

Inspiration #23 - Space

I loved this theme.  From the emails I received I wasn't the only one who had a couple of different submissions lined up to finally decide on one.  Special thanks to Teagan, our newest artist.  Glad to have you aboard!  As always, if you would like to know more about an artist or a particular submission, click on that artist's name on the Artist's Page or just link below the following submission you would like to know more about.  If you would like to join in the fun, please do!  Current and future themes can be found here and more information about submitting can be found here.  Now, without further ado, "Space".  Thanks for visiting the Lab!

"Reflected Space"
by Anika

"Up There"
by John R.

No Title
Photos and Text

"Man of God"
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"Young Star"
Photo, ink, and acrylic on canvas

And there you have it, round 23.  What great variety!  Thanks to all who contributed for making the ACoLab such a special place full of inspiration.  I hope to see you back here on the 20th of July when the theme will be "Drama".  Happy creating!

Artist Page - John R.

Submission are listed from newest to oldest entry.

Inspiration #31 - Light and Shadows

Inspiration #27 - Perfect Timing
"Plate Face"

Inspiration #25 - Falling
" love"

Inspiration #23 - Space
"Up There"

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