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Mary Jane Borst is a photographer who says she has fun taking photos while still learning and honing her craft.  Her images range from close-up images of nature to beautifully intriguing landscapes edited digitally.  Most of her work is a collection of her best shots spanning the last thirty years.  See many of these photographs in her Etsy shop.  Currently, Mary Jane is preparing ACEO cards so be sure to check back soon!   She also has a postcard store  and welcomes you to check it out.

The ACoLab is so proud to have Mary Jane as a participating artist!  Here are her submissions in order of latest entry to the oldest.
Theme ten inspiration: Dreamland
"Postcards from Dreamland"

Theme Six Inspiration: "Shadow" 
 2 Photographs
"End of Day"
This is a photo taken in Yu Yuan Gardens in Shanghai as the sun was lowering in the sky.  Our tour for the day was ending and it was time for dinner, bed, and be ready for another full day.  The gardens everywhere were so charming with many special spots, all of them peaceful, restful places.
"Shadows of 9 11 2001"
This photo was taken in bright sunlight early in the day.  It was taken of a leaded glass reminder given to me by a friend.  The figures inside the leaded glass show as deep shadows in the sunlight.  I have placed the photo in a rotated position to show the shadow to the best advantage.  A little funky but here it is anyway.  I think we all can use a reminder of the shadow that day has cast across our land.

Theme Four Inspiration: The words "Hot Summer Day" 
Hot and Bothered.  Where's the A/C??
by Mary Jane


Anika said...

MJ- I LOVE that collage you did for Shadows, the 9/11 piece. I love the background you made and the photo. I know you thought it was "funky" but I think it's my favorite piece you have submitted so far! Great work!

Anika said...

Dreamland comment - MJ, I love your editing! Very dreamy indeed.