Inspiration #18 - Turn on your radio

Welcome to round #18 of the ACoLab!  This week we gathered inspiration from turning on our musical devices.  (The moment that we set to hear or experience what would come from the speakers was the actual inspiration.)  However, like with all the inspirations, wherever they lead you to personally is also welcomed. The inspirations in the ACoLab are broad and I welcome interpretations of any kind.  With that said, enjoy these round 18 submissions!  Hope to see you back here on the 5th when the theme is "Spring". 
"Mr. Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang"
"Cabins then Cocktails"

by Ego

"Radio ACoLab"
by Doug

A big thanks to everyone who participated!  You make the ACoLab a fun place to visit and keep me inspired, thanks!

Extra Inspired - Joanna/Weston

The following post is an extra inspiration by Joanna, inspired by Edward Weston.  Deadlines for monthly themes are always due on the 5th and 20th of every month; however, if you would like to submit an extra inspiration you can do so anytime!  To read more about the following post please head on over to Joanna's site.  There you will be able to see more posts inspired by Weston, more images from the below set, and see these images as she envisioned them.  Thanks Joanna!

"Is love like art - something always ahead, never quite attained," Edward Weston

This month my muse is Edward Weston which is my extra inspiration choice over at ACoLab.  The quote Edward made about love being like art I thought was rather profound as I am in love and feel it is something I have attained.  I am in love with my husband, son, family and life, yet as we move along in our journey of life together, I think I get what Edward was asking in this question.  Will humans ever attain everything they wish to attain from love of life in the time had?  A very deep statement which I needed to ponder (as he is my muse for the month), and so I did so with a glass of water - half full or half empty - and then eureka it hit me:


Inspiration #17 - Lies

The round seventeen inspiration word was "Lies" in honor of April Fool's Day.  Love the mystery in these entries!  Thanks to all this round's participants.  I am really looking forward to the next round of submissions.  Number 18 will be due on the 20th of April.  The inspiration is a bit different for round 18.  Instead of a word, just go to your radio, turn it on, that is your next inspiration.  Should be interesting.  Hope to see you back here for that.  If you can't wait and want to submit something before the 20th just visit the Extra Inspirations page.  Thanks for visiting the ACoLab!

As always, please just link to a particular artist to learn more about each submission or see other entries.


"It Lies "

"Lies "


Artist Page - Ewa

I'm from Poland, a first time mom, and a wife.  I received a master degree in Mass Media Education about 3 years ago.
I learned about photography using old film camera ZENIT-E. Bought my first DSLR three years ago.  I love to take pictures of almost anything and everything!  From the day I started digital photography I have been  faithful to GIMP. 

My favorite writers:
Victor Hugo,
Erick Fromm,
Dean R. Koontz,
Waldemar Lysiak

I'm a contributing photographer in this project
Here are Ewa's submissions in order of the most recent.

Inspiration #26:  Brushstrokes

Extra Inspired - Adolf Hoffmeister

Inspiration number 16 - At the End of the Rainbow 
"The Beginning of the Rainbow" 
(Click here to see Ewa's blog post about these images)
"A few years ago I witnessed "the beginning of the rainbow".   One day I woke up, looked outside my room, and I saw a rainbow coming out from the ground. There was nothing particular about this spot- just soil, and a few stones. It was one of the most amazing things I'd even seen. I ran out, and I wasn't sure if I could touch it, or anything. After a few minutes I made a few steps and I stood exactly in the spot where the rainbow had it's beginning/end. Nothing happened, but I felt amazing.  Don't know why.
A few years later I visited a Double Rainbow Guy.  (It was before he became a double rainbow guy :-) )  I had the chance to see from his place and to snap a picture of a rainbow as he did it months before. My rainbow wasn't double though.  From that place I felt like I could make a few more steps, and I would be at the end of this rainbow... again... It was a great feeling. 

The theme "At the End of the Rainbow" reminded me of those two moments, and I think I can say that I had the chance to be at the end of the rainbow. I was at the end of it... and so, here is ME, what I picture thinking about this theme. ME doing something that I enjoy to do".