A note about some changes

I just added the inspirations for the next several months as well as started a page called Extra Inspirations which I hope you all like.  If you have any questions just let me know.  The submissions you leave for the extra themes will be like your own feature.  I will post those when I receive them throughout the month.  I also have made deadlines on every 5th and 20th of each month to lessen any confusion.  The first deadline for the new year is on the 20th so we all have time to settle back into the new year.  I am making it a goal for the new year (I suppose that would be a "New Year's Resolution") to do all of these monthly submissions.  We will see...  I look forward to seeing what the new year brings and to your creations! 
Happy new year!

Round 11 Submissions

I don't know if it was the holiday season, my error in deadline information, or if this was just a big stumper but we lost a couple of regulars this round.  However, it was a great turn-out for diversity!   I think this might be the most personal I have seen the results.  In each case, I had to read the reasoning behind each creation to understand how it was inspired by the video and what made each person create what they did; I love that.  I also love the inspiration for this round.  Thanks again to Ego for supplying the first video inspirationVisit Ego's page to see other submissions and also find links to her other projects, they don't disappoint.  Now, on to round 11!  As usual you can find out more about a particular entry or artist by visiting their artist page.  Thanks for visiting the ACoLab.  If you would like to participate please do.  The next round of inspirations and deadlines will be up by the first of the year.  Hope to see you then!

"Life Is One Big Intertwining Movie"
photos,video, and story

"ACoLab #11"
A song
by Doug
(To play the song just click the "Play"triangle on left that the arrows are pointing to)
Acolab 11 121910.m...

A photo

"Balloons Make Her Crazy"
a photo flip book and a video version of the flip book

"Come Get the Treat"
a video
by Ego

If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list to know up updates you can use the "Submit Here" button on the top left side bar.  As I wrote before, new inspirations will be up on by the first of January.  Hope to see you in 2001.  Happy New Year, may it be inspiring and creative!

Oops, my mistake!

When wondering if the video inspiration was too difficult (have not received too many entries this round) a friend told me that it could be because I had put the deadline for 2 weeks earlier, the same week as the post. Oops.  Well, because of that and because I have not had time to even work on mine (I know, but that's one of the perks as the administrator!) the deadline is extended through the 19th of December.  Sorry about the date mix-up.

Also, your creation does not need to be a video.  Remember, whatever the inspiration propels your mind to think then that's great-if it thinks of a memory you can write a story, you can make a dress, take a photo...whatever the inspiration means to you is the important part.

This will be the last round of 2010 by the way.  I will be posting new challenges up before the new year and then stick to the dates (the right ones), it's a resolution of mine.  Have a happy happy holiday season and hopefully see you back here in a few days!


Here (finally) are round 10 submissions!  The theme was Dreamland and once again we can see how diverse everyone's imaginations are.  Thanks to everyone who submitted and a special welcome to our newest addition, Sara!  I encourage you to take a look at Sara's artist page and links and learn a bit more about the newest talent to join the ACoLab.  As always, you can learn more about a particular entry or artist by clicking on that artist's name on the left sidebar.  The ACoLab is always open to join.  The more the merrier!  Thanks for visiting, enjoy! 

"Faces in the Sky"
by Ashley

"Serene Dream (land)"
3 photographs and story
by Joanna
Please see Joanna's artist page for the complete entry.

A Wordle
by Andrea
(This was the largest I could replicate this image.  Click on the image to link to the full size image.)
Wordle: Andrea's Dreams

"His Dreams"
A Painting
by Vidya

Photos and Story
by Danijela
Please see Danijela's artist page for complete entry.
I dream with this captured moment on the photo.
Different age, different naional background, different languages, different life conditions. Do you see the difference?
It doesn't really exist in their world. It's children's world and  my dreamland.

"Postcards from Dreamland"
5 Photographs
by Mary Jane
Please see Mary Jane's artist page for complete entry

"Guild Awards Dinner"
by Sara

"Floating Dream Lands"
by Anika
See Anika's artist page for more information about this image.

And there you have it!  Thanks again to all of you who submitted for this round.  You really are an inspiration and you make the ACoLab such a fun and interesting place.  Hope to see you back here for the next round, the video inspiration is up and ready to inspire.  Until then, happy creating!