Here (finally) are round 10 submissions!  The theme was Dreamland and once again we can see how diverse everyone's imaginations are.  Thanks to everyone who submitted and a special welcome to our newest addition, Sara!  I encourage you to take a look at Sara's artist page and links and learn a bit more about the newest talent to join the ACoLab.  As always, you can learn more about a particular entry or artist by clicking on that artist's name on the left sidebar.  The ACoLab is always open to join.  The more the merrier!  Thanks for visiting, enjoy! 

"Faces in the Sky"
by Ashley

"Serene Dream (land)"
3 photographs and story
by Joanna
Please see Joanna's artist page for the complete entry.

A Wordle
by Andrea
(This was the largest I could replicate this image.  Click on the image to link to the full size image.)
Wordle: Andrea's Dreams

"His Dreams"
A Painting
by Vidya

Photos and Story
by Danijela
Please see Danijela's artist page for complete entry.
I dream with this captured moment on the photo.
Different age, different naional background, different languages, different life conditions. Do you see the difference?
It doesn't really exist in their world. It's children's world and  my dreamland.

"Postcards from Dreamland"
5 Photographs
by Mary Jane
Please see Mary Jane's artist page for complete entry

"Guild Awards Dinner"
by Sara

"Floating Dream Lands"
by Anika
See Anika's artist page for more information about this image.

And there you have it!  Thanks again to all of you who submitted for this round.  You really are an inspiration and you make the ACoLab such a fun and interesting place.  Hope to see you back here for the next round, the video inspiration is up and ready to inspire.  Until then, happy creating!


Anika said...

These are all so great! Thanks everyone for participating!!

Steph said...

Love them all! very cool ideas

Anonymous said...

These were all great. Everyone did a great job.