Look what we just got!

Our Lab just won it's first award.  Even though it was passed along to the blog, this place would not be what it is without everyone who participates.  So here is our new little gem!

And who do we have to thank for this sweet token of love???  One of our newest participants, Angela!  Look for Angela's work in the upcoming post with all the submissions for round 6.  Many thanks Angela!!  Here is a link to the post should you care to take a gander. 

Happy creating everyone!  Post 6 should be up in a few days...realistically it will be up this weekend.  Think of it as building up some excitement...

Round 5 and 6 news

Just wanted to post a bit more about round five.  Firstly, John's song is now up and running.  I am calling it "middle eastern sci-fi".  Intrigued?  It's a great song and worth a listen.  One other thing, another new artist sent in a submission for round five's Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future. Take a look at Joanna's photograph "Like Father, Like Son", it's beautiful.  Thanks for jumping aboard the ACoLab Joanna!  I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

Round 6 is upon us.  The deadline is this Sunday, three days from now!  I hope to see you in the lab!  (I won't be posting in the lab until a few days after that so feel free to send in something late if you need an extra day or two.)  Have a good weekend!

Theme Five Submissions!

Theme number five's inspiration was "Bits of the past, pieces of the future".  This could be interpreted in any way and in any medium desired.  I am very happy to announce we picked up two newcomers this round.  Welcome to Erica and to Vidya!  Here are this month's submissions in order of submission.  To learn more about an artist or particular piece just link up to that artist's artist page.  Thanks to all who participated!  To those who would like to join in the fun there please do.  Round six is now underway!
Theme Five - The inspiration: The phrase "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future"

 "Brighton Beach Subway" & "Subway Shadows"

"Bits of My Past, Pieces of the Future"
by Ashley 

"Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future" 
Photo collage 
by Doug 

"Bits of the past,  parts of the present, and pieces of the future"
Photography and digital collage

"Past Future"
by Erica 

"Mother Stephie's chocolate chip cookies" 
Digital collage

"Mother and Baby"
by Vidya 

 "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future"
by John
Bits of the Past, ...

Like Father, Like Son
by Joanna

Thanks to everyone for making this such a great round! 

Theme Six Inspiration

Round six inspiration is the word:  "Shadow". 
However you would like to interpret that is the winning way!  I look forward to seeing and hearing all of your creations.  Happy imagining!
Deadline Date:  August 29th, 2010.

Artist Page - Vidya

Vidya's paintings are an amazing thing to examine.  Her use of color and the way she applies paint to the canvas make for a style all to her own.  Her work is a must see!  You can see her very soulful paintings and photos via her blog.  Here are her submissions starting with the newest first.

Theme ten inspiration: Dreamland
"His Dreams"
This is a painting I gifted my very special friend on her 91st birthday.

Theme nine inspiration: "Out of My Element"
  "Out of My Element"
It was my first Halloween and I wore this beautiful mask loaned by my friend and I was really out of my element as I partied till wee hrs!

Theme eight inspiration:  "Your Favorite Song"
"Birthday Song"
by Vidya 
I just love a simple "Happy Birthday Song" anytime.  Albeit this picture is taken during baby shower for babies bringing joy and happiness to all of us.

Theme seven inspiration: Full Circle
"Full Circle"
Beet Heart Cookies & 3 Photographs
I created these Beet Heart Cookies and realized that Life has to come to a full circle for these cookies to Taste Good.
Without baking at high temp they won't taste their best!

Theme Six - The inspiration:  "Shadow"
"The Shadow"
Only we know: The shadows from the past and the present!

Theme Five- The inspiration: "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Present"
"Mother and Baby"
I painted this when I tried to become a mother and couldn't.  When I gather courage I want to become a mother at least once.

Artist Page - Erica

Erica is a woman of many talents.  However, music is definitely her passion.  If you ever have a question about music, forget the Internet, just go to Erica.  The ACoLab is so happy to have her on board.  You can check out Erica via her blog.
Entries start with the newest submission.

Theme Five - The inspiration, "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future"
I collected figurines when I was a little kid and when my father sent me a piece of furniture (it was a wedding present from his marriage to my mom and he held on to it for me for a million years) there were some of my figurines in one of the drawers.  Though beat up with broken wings and scuffed noses to me they are still perfect.  This summer in my unemployment I have started crafting and I like using felt.  I chose a question mark because the future has lots of possibilities.  Especially if you seize them at the right moment.

Theme Five Update 2

Just want to thanks all the participants from round five!  We had a couple new artists to our lab and I am very excited to share all the submissions.  I can't believe I will be out of town again for a few days (!) but I will be.  (This is it for awhile!)  When I return, the post and new artist pages will go up as will challenge number six!  I know you are excited too so have no fear, you won't have to wait too long.  Thanks again for participating and visiting the lab.  Have a great weekend!

Theme Five - Update

Just a quick update:  A few participants have asked for another day or two.  The new deadline for submissions is now this Wednesday, the 11th.  Submissions so far are beautiful and I look forward to seeing the rest!  Thanks for visiting the Lab.