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Stephanie has a great eye!  Most of her work can be seen on the delicious pastries she whips up.  A talented baker, chef, and photographer too - a very crafty lady!  The photographs on her blog are a must see!

Here are Stephanie's listings in order from newest submission to the oldest.

Inspiration #33 - Found

Inspiration #28 - Seeing Red

Extra Inspiration: Roy Lichtenstein
To see more, head on over to Stephanie's blog!

Theme 21 inspiration: Front Page of the News

Theme 16 inspiration: At the End of the Rainbow
"Lucky Charms"
 (Head on over to Stephanie's blog to read more about this submission.)

Inspired by Jerry Uelsmann 
"Chicago 224" 
(Care to know more?  You can visit Stephanie's blog to find out.)

Theme twelve inspiration: Resolution
Theme eleven inspiration: A Video (link here)
A photo
by Stephanie
The video reminded me of the shining in that was evident in the beginning.  The further into the video, the less obvious it became and more eerie it was, so I wanted to to a eerie photo.  It is of a storage unit underneath condos.  I took a Hipstamatic photo then photoshopped in lens flare, upped the contrast, and added a light blue filter to make it feel colder.

Theme nine inspiration: Out of My Element (Link here)
"Day in the Life of...."
(You can also see this entry posted on Stephanie's blog, here.)
This project stumped me at first: do I pick my favorite period element, do I make a project that I have never done before? I thought about it for a few weeks and decided that ultimately I feel out of my element when there is attention on me.  I have always been more of an introvert  around new people and I really don't mind just sitting back and people watching. I don't like having my photo taken, overall, I am a pretty private person. Which is funny to say about someone who has a blog, but if you've noticed I don't make my entries too personal and I have never included photos of friends or family. In fact most people I know, except a rare few, don't even know I have a blog. Sounds weird typing it but for now, it works for me.
So for this acolab, I decided to take me out of my element for a day: I decide to turn the camera on me and to follow myself for a whole day and take photos of what I was doing on the hour for 12 hours. 

Theme Seven Inspiration: Full Circle (Link here)
"Full Circle"
I just returned from seeing my former home, Napa Valley, CA . The image is from a wine storing tank, from one of the wineries I visited. For me going back to Napa was finally closing that chapter and seeing how things have come full circle. 

Theme Five:  The phrase "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future" (Theme Five blog post) 
"Mother Stephie's chocolate chip cookies"
Digital Collage
I knew I was going to do baking right away, but I was stuck on this one since the subject is so broad. My love for baking can be traced back to my first cook book: Mother Goose's Candy and Cookie Book, by Anne Rockwell. After being a professional baker for the last 10+ years I have baked plenty of bits and pieces which have all lead to new bits and pieces, but I was stuck. I decided to turn to a friend about the project and how to trim down my ideas. She has some great old magazines from the 60's that she thought about using and we talked about how fun it would be to redo an old timey ad. This all made me think about how I need to learn to edit my ideas, I don't need to recreate each baking experience or even recreate the whole scene from the book--I was actually thinking about how I can get my dog to stay still for the photograph--I need to remember that photoshop is there to help. Thanks Buddy for your help!

Theme Four:  The words "Hot Summer Day" (Theme Four blog post) 

Theme Two - Your bedside Table (Link to Theme Two blog post) 
"Banana Oat Pancakes"
Cooking and Digital Collage
So, my nightstand has:  Fitness and cooking magazines, "the kind diet" book, 3 alarm clocks (!), a baking book, and animal stuff--collars, combs, etc.  So I decided to do a collage of how to make banana oat pancakes since
1) It's "baking" (baking book)
2) It's healthy (fitness mags)
3) It used items kind to the earth and body (the kind diet book)
4) It's a breakfast food (alarm clocks)
5) It's hearty (like the wood used to make the nightstand)
6) It has Samson walking into the shot (covers the last element--the animals)

Theme One:  Photo Inspiration  (Link here)

"Samson & Mia"
Digital Photography


Turtle Bead said...

lol Very funny pic! :D Love it!

Chashway said...

My nightstand has almost all of the above 'cept my cat is too old too jump on it.

Anika said...

comment for "Resolution"
I love the photo Steph. It's really pretty in B&W.