Word/Phrase prompts
- Resolution- Inside the Heart
- At the end of the rainbow
- Lies
- Spring
- Outside your door
- The front page of the news
- Something that frightens you
- Space
- Drama
- Falling
- Brushstrokes
- Perfect Timing
- Seeing Red
- It's just an illusion
- Haunted
- Light and Shadows {submitted by Ana, thank you}
- Going with the flow
- Found
- Family
- Joy {submitted by Teagan, thanks!}
- Dreamlands
- Out of my element
- Your favorite song
- Full circle
- Bits of the past, pieces of the future
- Hot Summer Day
- Your bedside table

 Video Inspirations
Theme 11 {Submitted by Ego!}  Submissions here

- Page 25 of something you are reading
 - Fill in the blank
"When I think about how ____________ is in the ___________ I just have to ____________." (This entry could have 3 different photos, one song, words, video...however you interpret this)
- Turn on your radio!  (Go to your radio, turn it on...that is your inspiration.)
- Fill in the blank
"This pattern is perfect for __________"

Image inspirations
"Arriving"  {Photo by Anika's dad}

Other Artists (Become inspired by another artist and create something.  All artist names link to information about each artist.  I have included links, if any are submitted to, beside each artist using the name of the person who submitted. )

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