Permanent Inspiration - Joy {by Teagan}

Our first of the new "Permanent Inspiration" is brought to you by our resident poet, Teagan.  Teagan explodes with creativity in every post on her blog so be sure to check her out.  For this first challenge I thought we could keep things somewhat similar to how we have been doing things already- Use her inspiration to create anything-a song, a recipe, a piece of visual art...whatever your imagination thinks up, then submit it. I will post it here and perhaps also in it's own post.  As always, whatever you submit will be added to your artist page as well.  Thanks Teagan for being the first imagination catalyst!

Teagan's permanent inspiration: Joy.
Here is wishing you some joy and some inspiration.  Happy creating!

July 15, 2011
by Joanna

"A Fleeting Glimpse of Joy"
Looking for something good to not pass by
Making you think what if, maybe, or why
The g-force of joy spreads across a face as it begins to giggle
These are moments of joy I never want to rush by

July 28, 2011
by Anika

October 18, 2011
by Ana

November 15, 2011
by Lisa
"Angel's Parasol"

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