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I'm a young dabbler mostly experimenting to search out some sense of style or self, so it's difficult to say much more about me as an artist.  I love working with photography, acrylic paints, mod podge and poetry.  Besides art, I've also recently started learning how to be a wife, a blogger, and a college graduate.  It doesn't take much to delight me, so anything is fair game when it comes to inspiration.  I'm sure my artwork is going to be a little hit-and-miss as I go along, so thanks for your patience.  We'll learn about this thing together - you teach me & I'll teach you. It'll keep us both humble.

Check out the imagination of Teagan on her blog, you will be happy you did. 

Inspiration #32 {Going With the Flow}
"Breathe Like the Ocean"

Permanent Inspiration {Joy}
Teagan created a poem to start of our first of the Permanent Inspiration series.  Thank you Teagan!
Today, Joy is my Companion.
We dance like tops spinning circles in the sun.
Inspiration #23 {Space}
"Young Star"
Photo, ink, and acrylic on canvas
We need space, room, to grow, but that empty blackness of space can be intimidating. This is just a bit of encouragement for the young stars in all of us - that our hope will foster courage and our light will begin to inhabit even the darkest of spaces surrounding us.

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Anika said...

Your Breathe Like the Ocean is so so beautiful...dreamy in the best way.