Inspiration #23 - Space

I loved this theme.  From the emails I received I wasn't the only one who had a couple of different submissions lined up to finally decide on one.  Special thanks to Teagan, our newest artist.  Glad to have you aboard!  As always, if you would like to know more about an artist or a particular submission, click on that artist's name on the Artist's Page or just link below the following submission you would like to know more about.  If you would like to join in the fun, please do!  Current and future themes can be found here and more information about submitting can be found here.  Now, without further ado, "Space".  Thanks for visiting the Lab!

"Reflected Space"
by Anika

"Up There"
by John R.

No Title
Photos and Text

"Man of God"
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"Young Star"
Photo, ink, and acrylic on canvas

And there you have it, round 23.  What great variety!  Thanks to all who contributed for making the ACoLab such a special place full of inspiration.  I hope to see you back here on the 20th of July when the theme will be "Drama".  Happy creating!


Anika said...

Love all of these!

Teagan, really love the way you added the paint, very nice abstract! I also love your story-telling...always very captivating.

Ego-can't stop listening to the song. I highly recommend people listen to it with headphones on- nice recording full of panned and rich sounds. But then again, I am a sucker for spacey, ambient music.

Love your story telling Joanna, always personal and honest.

John, your image is so clear and perfect...I am curious to know if it's a straight shot or created in Photoshop...such beautiful light and colors.

Enjoyed the post everyone, thanks for playing!

R Montalban said...

A new addition to this Space - welcome Teagan ;-)

Anonymous said...

These are great! Anika the things you do with that iPhone are astounding - I loved seeing the transformation of this image on your blog. John's photograph has such an interesting purity to it. Joanna, the things you do with film are astounding! Love the otherworldly-ness of your piece. I've been looping Ego's song over & over again, too.

And thanks for the warm welcome! This is a space I like to be in. :)