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Ego Sensation does it all - she sings, plays multiple instruments, is a cinematographer, photographer, seamstress, and much, much more!  She can also be found traveling the globe with the band White Hills and on her blog.

Check out her videos here
Listings in order from newest submission to the oldest.

Theme twenty-three inspiration:  Space
"Man of God"
{Link to song}
Extra Inspiration:  Andy Warhol
"Screen Test"

Theme eighteen inspiration: Turn on your radio!

Ego and her band White Hills are currently touring Europe...a must see!  

Theme eleven inspiration: A Video (link here
"Come Get the Treat"
a video
by Ego
The concept of walking into walls or hitting your head against a wall made me think of this film I made in which the character obsesses on getting a caged treat that she shuns when it becomes available. The human animal can be incredibly dense.

Theme Three -Title "This Pattern is Perfect For_______" (Link to Theme Three blog post)

"This Pattern is for Compulsive/Obsessive"
by Ego

Theme Two - Your bedside table  (Link to Theme Two blog post)
Image was taken with the Hipstamatic App. on my iPhone.
Theme One - Photo Inspiration (Link to Theme One blog post)
This work is about my huge ego.
Ego Over Manhattan 
Digital Photography


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