Inspiration #18 - Turn on your radio

Welcome to round #18 of the ACoLab!  This week we gathered inspiration from turning on our musical devices.  (The moment that we set to hear or experience what would come from the speakers was the actual inspiration.)  However, like with all the inspirations, wherever they lead you to personally is also welcomed. The inspirations in the ACoLab are broad and I welcome interpretations of any kind.  With that said, enjoy these round 18 submissions!  Hope to see you back here on the 5th when the theme is "Spring". 
"Mr. Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang"
"Cabins then Cocktails"

by Ego

"Radio ACoLab"
by Doug

A big thanks to everyone who participated!  You make the ACoLab a fun place to visit and keep me inspired, thanks!

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Anika said...

Love these entries! Joanna, yours is so fun and I love where you derive your inspirations. Ego, very cool. And Doug, that song is hysterical...great lyrics. I really enjoyed your song!!