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I'm from Poland, a first time mom, and a wife.  I received a master degree in Mass Media Education about 3 years ago.
I learned about photography using old film camera ZENIT-E. Bought my first DSLR three years ago.  I love to take pictures of almost anything and everything!  From the day I started digital photography I have been  faithful to GIMP. 

My favorite writers:
Victor Hugo,
Erick Fromm,
Dean R. Koontz,
Waldemar Lysiak

I'm a contributing photographer in this project
Here are Ewa's submissions in order of the most recent.

Inspiration #26:  Brushstrokes

Extra Inspired - Adolf Hoffmeister

Inspiration number 16 - At the End of the Rainbow 
"The Beginning of the Rainbow" 
(Click here to see Ewa's blog post about these images)
"A few years ago I witnessed "the beginning of the rainbow".   One day I woke up, looked outside my room, and I saw a rainbow coming out from the ground. There was nothing particular about this spot- just soil, and a few stones. It was one of the most amazing things I'd even seen. I ran out, and I wasn't sure if I could touch it, or anything. After a few minutes I made a few steps and I stood exactly in the spot where the rainbow had it's beginning/end. Nothing happened, but I felt amazing.  Don't know why.
A few years later I visited a Double Rainbow Guy.  (It was before he became a double rainbow guy :-) )  I had the chance to see from his place and to snap a picture of a rainbow as he did it months before. My rainbow wasn't double though.  From that place I felt like I could make a few more steps, and I would be at the end of this rainbow... again... It was a great feeling. 

The theme "At the End of the Rainbow" reminded me of those two moments, and I think I can say that I had the chance to be at the end of the rainbow. I was at the end of it... and so, here is ME, what I picture thinking about this theme. ME doing something that I enjoy to do".

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