Inspiration #16 - At the End of the Rainbow

Welcome to round 16 of the ACoLab!  The inspiration for this round, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day, was "At the End of the Rainbow".  I found this one more challenging than some. (Do I say that every time?)  The theme seemed like it would result in something predictable but as always, every artist had a unique take.  I love this round-it's full of humor, beauty, cuteness, and personal memories.  Thanks to everyone who made this round so wonderful and a special welcome to our newest participant, Ewa!

As always, if you would like to learn more, see more, link to more you can visit that artists Artist Page.  You can link to those via the left sidebar,the Artist link above or simply by clicking on the name with each submission.  If you would like to participate, please do!  You can learn more here and here.  Without further ado, enjoy At the End of the Rainbow.

"The Beginning of the Rainbow"
by Ewa (Artist page coming soon)

"My Kind of Gold "

 "At the End of the Rainbow"
Photos and Words

"Experiments with Rainbows"
animated gif

"Lucky Charms"
Thanks again everyone!  The round 17 deadline is on the 5th of April when the theme will be "Lies" is so close to April Fool's Day after all.   If you can't wait until then please feel free to create something based on one of the Extra Inspirations.  Happy creating!


Anika said...

Really love all these entries! From the personal sharing of Ewa and Charlene to the hilarious Joanna and the very cute image of Stephanie's leprechauns...all very creative! Thanks ladies for making such a great post!

Unknown said...

Nice animated gif. Joanna's dog is a fantastic model. Steph's leprachauns are a little scarry. Nice post.