Extra Inspired - Joanna/Sherman

The following entry is from Joanna.  She was extra inspired by Cindy Sherman.  If you would like to see this post as Joanna envisioned please head on over to her blog, RMontalban.  If you want to join in the fun, deadlines are the 5th and 20th of every month and there are also "Extra Inspirations" that can be submitted anytime during the month.
Thanks for peeking in!  And thanks Joanna for the great post!

ACoLab for March suggested for extra inspiration of looking at the work of Cindy Sherman, Joan Miro or Eugene Atget.  All three I think are fantastic and in a way I would like to maybe try to pay homage to all three if I have the time. Assuming I might not, I thought I would try Cindy first, although I can't help but feel a little of Andy Warhol has managed to sneak in here!  My dream from last month with him and Basquiat clearly has stuck in my mind and chosen to resurface here, well I never, these extra inspirations are starting to merge and have an effect (ha, ha, ha).
Catain Amazo
Carly Warhol


Steph said...

love it! so cute and creative.

Unknown said...

Catain Amazo looks like he is not happy about the outfit. Carly Warhol..hm... pretty content. Can't say much about Clarice - the face look pretty plain ;-)
Anyway very cute photos!