Inspiration #15

Round #15 was a fill in the blank.  "When I think about how ____________ is in the ___________ I just have to ____________."  I thought this one was a bit challenging... but it seemed to result in some of the most personal entries yet.  Thanks to everyone who submitted and a special welcome to Rosie and Angela D., the Lab's newest participants!

As always, click on an artist's name under each submission or link above in the Artists page to find out more about a particular submission, artist, or to see more of a particular artist's other entries.  Should you like to join in the fun you can learn more here.  Enjoy!

When I think about how much texture is in the sky I just have to stop and photograph it.

When I think about how my cameras lens is in the moment with me in capturing what I see, I just have to remember that not everyone will see, understand or want to see/understand what I see in the same way. That is just life and yes it can also be a tongue twister!
Photographs and words
by Joanna
(more images available on Joanna's page)

Doggy Dreamland

When I think about how Spring is in the near future I just have to smile.

 When I think about how lovely the water is in the right camera setting I just have to seek out more scenes to photograph.
Whatcha Doing??
Round #16, due on the 20th, is "At the end of the rainbow".  If you can't wait until the 20th there are also some extra inspirations that can be submitted anytime.  Thanks for visiting the ACoLab!


Ashley Sisk said...

These turned out I'm off to find a rainbow. You think I can find a pot of gold too?

Joanna said...

What wonderful interpretations...sorry I missed this one, but I'll be on board inspiration #16 :)