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Creativity has always been an essential component of my life.  I feel the need and pull to create on a daily basis.  I believe this to be both a blessing and a privilege. My favorite art form generally revolves around photography but I have been known to enjoy painting as well!  Feel free to stop by my blog to learn a bit more about me.
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(Submissions are listed in order of the most recent entry.) 

Theme 19 inspiration:  Spring

Theme 16 inspiration: At the End of the Rainbow
"My Kind of Gold"

Theme 15 inspiration: Fill in the Blank
 "Doggy Dreamland"
Theme 14 inspiration: Inside the Heart 
"Heart Summary"
Digital Sketch 
 (To read more about this piece please visit here)
When I consider the elements I hold most dear to my heart I soon realize they are all intertwined. One cannot exist without the other. If you erase one an unpleasant hole will reside. Remove them all and there would be no life force to keep me going. I would have no purpose.  

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