Extra Inspired - Stephanie/Uelsmann

The following is a piece Stephanie created.  She was inspired by one of the three artists listed on each month's "Extra Inspired" list.  Want to know more about this creation?  Hop over to Stephanie's blog.  Thanks for stopping by!


Anika said...

Stephanie, this is FABULOUS! And such a great homage to Jerry Uelsmann. I am curious how many layers this is... I see the background as one but don't know if the city and sculpture are one or two and if the image on the sculpture was there or one you added. I want to know more!!

But keeping the mystery does add something...not knowing makes this even more captivating. Glad you were inspired to create and submit!

Unknown said...

I likes it!

Steph said...

Thanks Doug and Anika! I will post the pictures I used to layer in, there were 3: Chicago and the "bean" (name of sculpture), Ijams and Cherokee sky.