Teagan - And Three Became...

Here is the latest contribution to And Three Became...  The first image below is entitled, "Regret" and the second one is "Hope".

What I love most about Teagan's work is her narrative.   Well, wait, I love her graphic style which instantly pulls me in and then I love the subtle touches she uses to convey her stories.  I have learned through following her blog that she puts an incredible amount of thought into her creations well before the work is actually created.  There is almost always a narrative to her photography and artworks.  I suppose that her passion for writing allows her to create a story and characters for everything she makes. 

At first glance, her work is visually appealing and intriguing- nice graphic lines, clean and interesting compositions.  But look back at the three images she used to create these two pieces and you will understand what I mean when I say she has a subtle complexity.  {Yes, I did just say "a subtle complexity", sorry...but those really are the words I need to use!}  Her alterations to these photos may seem like simple ones but the more you look at the images, the more you can see a thoughtful, precise technique.

I stared at these two pieces and her words for awhile... How did she create a sadder looking woman in "Regret"?  What did she do that created the contrast she needed for her story?  Teagan's work makes you look deeper, something seemingly simple becomes complex.  Again, look back at the three images and notice the subtle changes she has made to her character, to the backgrounds, and you too will be able to realize her complete story as she intended.

If you would like to contribute to this Inspiration or any others listed please do so.  And please be sure to check out the other submissions for this theme, And Three Became...

You can see more of Teagan's work for the ACoLab here and check out her own blog here.

And Three Became...

I have been thinking some more about how we all interpret the same thing in our own unique way.  That got me to thinking about how our own interpretations can also change from day to day, mood to mood.  So for this challenge I propose you try the challenge in at least two different ways.

The Challenge:
I am providing three images to use as your inspiration, your catalyst to create.  These three images can be used however you would like or not at all...do you want to cut them up, collage them, use the idea of them to create a story, write a song??  Use these images however you feel inspired to do so and then send me the result.  I will be posting the finished pieces as I receive them.  Again, I challenge you to try creating at least two different things.  Yes, we all see things in unique ways but independently we can also have different ideas based on the same inspiration. 

About the images:
I don't think of these images as an easy inspiration.  What I mean is that it's hard  a huge challenge, for me at least, to extract a different idea from one that already has a clear theme.  I also chose an image that I was going to delete off my camera. {It was taken by accident and isn't really "pretty" by any means...it's an inconsequential image.}  I like the idea of challenging myself to make something out of nothing, you know?  It's interesting to think about how everything matters, everything can be anything based on perspective.  So if I don't feel inspired by the images perhaps I just need to change my perspective.  Using these not-so-perfect images to create something I never would have thought of if it weren't for them can feel rewarding and inspiring.  But remember, you can use the entire image, part of an image, some of two images, or just get an idea from the images and create your own work {in any medium}.

You can save these images off this post, download them here, here, and here, or contact me and I can email them to you.  This may sound confusing...don't feel shy to contact me if you have any questions.  I hope you're up to the challenge!

1)   2)   3)

"We Come in Peace"
by Anika
{First Version}
{Used images 1 and 3}

by Joanna
{Versions 1}
 {Version 2}

"Regret" and "Hope" 
by Teagan


Welcome, it's time to celebrate!  Below you can see my submission for the word "Celebrate".  I will be adding further submissions to this page as well.  If you would like to join in please do.  The great thing about the ACoLab is seeing how we all interpret the same idea in different ways.  So if you want to submit a story, an image, a song...whatever you are inspired to create, please do!  Don't be shy, just send it on my way to add to the post.  If you would like to know more you can always click on the Lo-Down and if you would like to see other inspirations you can do so here.   Enjoy!

by Anika

If you would like to know more about any of the submissions you can link to that artist's page to see more.  Thanks for visiting and happy creating!

Word of the Day

I thought for the first challenge back we start with a happy theme, something easy and inspiring.  So how about a word?  In honor of the second year of the ACoLab, how about the word "Celebrate!"? 

So, as with all inspiration prompts in the ACoLab, use the word to inspire a creation of your choice.  The word can be used in your piece or can be used solely as a jumping board for your imagination.  A photo, video, painting, story, song, ANYTHING you want to create and submit is perfect. 

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.  I will be back in a couple of days with my submission.  Until then, happy creating! 

New to the Lab?  Please click here for more info and if you have any questions you can contact me via email.

Year Two / Why I love this project / What's in Store

After more than two months (eek!) away from this site, I have had a lot of time to think about the ACoLab, what I want to change, and whether or not to continue.  I think that this break was a good one because it really made me evaluate why I like this site.  I think towards the end of its first year participation waned and I thought, “Why go on?”  I think I was losing sight of what originally spawned this project.  I like to create.  I love being inspired.  I really like to be inspired and create with other people.  Ideas that may never have come to fruition if it wasn’t for a certain prompt, a certain inspiration, or a product of someones imagination… it’s exciting.  So, I have to focus.  The ACoLab is about creating.  I was only remembering the other reason I love the ACoLab – seeing how we all imagine differently.  That was one reason why I started the project but it wasn’t the only one and I think I forgot that somewhere along the way.  So yes, definitely the more the merrier but even if it’s just me this project remains an inspiration, a huge challenge (which I love), and at its best, a great space to brainstorm with other creative minds.  So, how can I change the Artist's Collaborative Laboratory to be more of that – a collaborative space, always changing, evolving, inspiring?   This is what I have come up with…

If you know me from my other blog or other hosted projects, you already know I am not too big on rules and restrictions when it comes to art or creating.  I do like them when they can enhance a challenge, but as far as pinpointing how to create something in one particular way, well, I personally don’t believe in that.  (I also feel like each individual’s process is a main part of the creating, a main part of the continuing inspiration.)  So, I am doing away with deadlines.  If you are familiar with the ACoLab then you know that I used to have Monthly inspirations, Extra Inspirations, and Permanent Inspirations.  I want people to feel like joining in at any time is not only okay but encouraged.  I like deadlines because I believe seeing other people's creations can influence what we think when creating; posting everybody's work at the same time avoided that.  But it was one of the last restrictions here so bye-bye deadlines.
 You can also submit to any inspiration more than once.

   I like sharing.  This site isn’t just about showcasing me and my work.  So, I will not only be adding an artist’s submission to the main page of that inspiration but will also make a post for that person all to themselves.  (This will happen within a day or two of submission.)  In that post an artist can choose to add links, info about their creation, what it’s about, why they were inspired, what made them create what, or it can be blank, just the submission.  This info will also be added to your Artist Page.
  More posts.
   I like the excitement to stick around.  I also think it’s nicer when someone submits something not to have to wait two weeks to see it posted.  So, now when somebody submits something I will post that creation within a day or two.  I will post an inspiration on one day, show what I or another person created a few days after that and hopefully will have more to share in between that post and the next inspiration given around two weeks later.  I am hoping to post some other ideas as well in between those two weeks... perhaps an interview or profile on one of our participating artists?  There is a huge selection of inspirations to choose from already.  I have complied all of our previous inspirations/challenges into one page.
  Cleaner space
   I am going to rework the pages of this site to be even simpler.  All artists and their links will now be on one page.  I will still always make an Artist Page for anyone who contributes.  Whether that page has a profile image, info, and/or links is up to each artist.

  Mailing list.
   It’s hard for me to remember to send out reminders and I sometimes feel like emailing people but don’t want to be a bother.  So, think I am doing away with the mailing list.  May I instead recommend subscribing to the RSS feed?  By subscribing you basically stay in check with every new inspiration or notice that is posted.  If you join via email you will get each post right into your inbox.  I have left the links on the left sidebar for all different kinds of subscriptions feeds including Bloglovin’.  I will also be tweeting each new post so follow my Twitter feed @ anikatoro.

   I am going to post new inspirations each month but will also be accepting ideas and inspirations to post.  If you want to see what someone creates to your image, song, word, story, etc., then send it in and I will post it.

So, I am committing myself to another year.  Yes, it’s a challenge,   Yes, sometimes I just don’t feel the inspiration.  But when I push myself to find a way in those harder, more challenging prompts, I find I stumble onto some of the most rewarding ideas.  Committing to the ACoLab and staying productive is difficult at times but after this long time to reflect I was able to stand back and realize how rewarding a place this is.  Won’t you join me on another year??

Please be patient if links are off for a bit or things seem a bit off.  And if you have sent me a submission over the last two months or an email I didn't respond to please send it again.  I know, horrible etiquette!  HORRIBLE!  But I have been moving the last few months and was without internet for 6 weeks or so, and before that I lost my mind somewhere in one of the boxes.  Thanks to those of you who have emailed asking about the future of the ACoLab.  Thanks to those of you who continue to visit!  

Oh!  Please take a moment to look at the pages above as I have changed them up a bit.  Hope to see you back soon! Glad you stopped by. 


ACoLab 2012 & Call for Submissions

So, I'll admit, I have not done anything with the ACoLab since the last round.  It's on my mind but so is moving.  I will be moving over the next couple of weeks.  After that I am going to post our new 2012 inspirations and some changes as well. 

One of the things I want to change is the monthly inspirations page.  I think having an ongoing Permanent Inspiration submitted by other people than just myself is the way to go.  {I think that these will also replace the current monthly inspirations page}.  So if you would like to contribute a Permanent Inspiration I invite you to do so.  These are prompts that will stay up on the site and can be submitted to at any time.  {You can read more here.}  The prompts you submit can be in any form - an image, movie, song, something written, ANYTHING that you were inspired to submit will be sure to inspire someone else and that's the whole point of this project.  So, spread some inspiration on and email me using the submit button or you can email me at anikatoro {at} gmail {dot} com with your idea or submission.  Plus, it's pretty cool to see what other people create based on your inspiration. 

I am hoping that this and some other ideas may generate some more involvement from people, get people excited!  The more the merrier!  If you have any ideas you think could make that happen please contact me and let me know!  Okay, so all for now.  Hope you are having a wonderful start to 2012.  I will be around more post-move and am very much looking forward to that!  Happy creating!