Teagan - And Three Became...

Here is the latest contribution to And Three Became...  The first image below is entitled, "Regret" and the second one is "Hope".

What I love most about Teagan's work is her narrative.   Well, wait, I love her graphic style which instantly pulls me in and then I love the subtle touches she uses to convey her stories.  I have learned through following her blog that she puts an incredible amount of thought into her creations well before the work is actually created.  There is almost always a narrative to her photography and artworks.  I suppose that her passion for writing allows her to create a story and characters for everything she makes. 

At first glance, her work is visually appealing and intriguing- nice graphic lines, clean and interesting compositions.  But look back at the three images she used to create these two pieces and you will understand what I mean when I say she has a subtle complexity.  {Yes, I did just say "a subtle complexity", sorry...but those really are the words I need to use!}  Her alterations to these photos may seem like simple ones but the more you look at the images, the more you can see a thoughtful, precise technique.

I stared at these two pieces and her words for awhile... How did she create a sadder looking woman in "Regret"?  What did she do that created the contrast she needed for her story?  Teagan's work makes you look deeper, something seemingly simple becomes complex.  Again, look back at the three images and notice the subtle changes she has made to her character, to the backgrounds, and you too will be able to realize her complete story as she intended.

If you would like to contribute to this Inspiration or any others listed please do so.  And please be sure to check out the other submissions for this theme, And Three Became...

You can see more of Teagan's work for the ACoLab here and check out her own blog here.

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