And Three Became...

I have been thinking some more about how we all interpret the same thing in our own unique way.  That got me to thinking about how our own interpretations can also change from day to day, mood to mood.  So for this challenge I propose you try the challenge in at least two different ways.

The Challenge:
I am providing three images to use as your inspiration, your catalyst to create.  These three images can be used however you would like or not at you want to cut them up, collage them, use the idea of them to create a story, write a song??  Use these images however you feel inspired to do so and then send me the result.  I will be posting the finished pieces as I receive them.  Again, I challenge you to try creating at least two different things.  Yes, we all see things in unique ways but independently we can also have different ideas based on the same inspiration. 

About the images:
I don't think of these images as an easy inspiration.  What I mean is that it's hard  a huge challenge, for me at least, to extract a different idea from one that already has a clear theme.  I also chose an image that I was going to delete off my camera. {It was taken by accident and isn't really "pretty" by any's an inconsequential image.}  I like the idea of challenging myself to make something out of nothing, you know?  It's interesting to think about how everything matters, everything can be anything based on perspective.  So if I don't feel inspired by the images perhaps I just need to change my perspective.  Using these not-so-perfect images to create something I never would have thought of if it weren't for them can feel rewarding and inspiring.  But remember, you can use the entire image, part of an image, some of two images, or just get an idea from the images and create your own work {in any medium}.

You can save these images off this post, download them here, here, and here, or contact me and I can email them to you.  This may sound confusing...don't feel shy to contact me if you have any questions.  I hope you're up to the challenge!

1)   2)   3)

"We Come in Peace"
by Anika
{First Version}
{Used images 1 and 3}

by Joanna
{Versions 1}
 {Version 2}

"Regret" and "Hope" 
by Teagan

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