Extra Inspired - Joanna/Atget

An excellent end to the month, Joanna has been inspired by one of this month's Extra Inspirations and created a really beautiful post.  Head on over to see her photos as she intended for them to be viewed.  Anyone can submit an extra inspiration at any time of the month.

And now, presenting Joanna's photos as inspired by Eugene Atget...

Some scenes are timeless.  These ones, to me, hit that statement even though I took them this month!
Fish and Chips with two tartan teuchters and a dog!

Remember I mentioned running out like some crazed woman to get the pictures of the fishmonger and butcher?  Well here they are, ta-da!  (If you're not sure what I am gibbering on about and want to, click here).

As soon as I saw this scene from the corner of my eye from across the street, I had to get it. To me it was like a scene from "Days of yore" (the olden days) and I thought really interesting (or at least I hoped they would be after it had been developed!). Maybe at the back of my mind was Eugene Atget who is an "extra inspiration" over at ACoLab and he was someone I wanted to pay tribute to because I think his photographs are beautiful and also of days gone by. Maybe it was also because I had gone to see an exhibition on the photographs of August Sandler whose portraits are so memorable and haunting, again of people from days gone by.  Either way, I just saw the scene and had to try to capture it.

When the butcher saw I was taking pictures of his neighbour, the fishmonger, he wanted in on the action too!
A girl in the tea room at Anteaques who I photographed when I returned to Anteaques after taking the Fishmonger and Butcher shots to then see this old fashioned looking girl having tea in an old fashioned tea room/antique shop!
The setting of all of these pictures to me reflect a modern take of Eugene Atget who took beautiful images of architectural scenes and of people who he thought had social interest of their time and whilst when I took these I didn't have this challenge of him in my mind, when I was looking at them I thought they would fit this challenge too - hope you see this and don't just think me "demented"
The above were all done on my 1950's Rolleiflex.


Anika said...

So beautiful Joanna. And I can totally see the inspiration here. Wonderful!!

Charlene said...

I love that all these were taken with a vintage camera. They all tell such great stories.