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Doug is a prolific songwriter.  Awhile back, Doug and friends recorded a song for every element on the periodic's fabulous.  You can learn more about this and other projects by visiting his website or by going to his page on You Tube.  Doug is currently working on the third installment of the Roane County Song Poems and various other musical projects.
Here are Doug's listings in order from newest submission to the oldest.

Theme thirty inspiration:  Haunted
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Theme eighteen inspiration:  Turn on your radio!
"Radio ACoLab"

Theme thirteen inspiration: Page 25 of a magazine
"Page 25"
A songlette

Theme eleven inspiration : A Video (link here)

"ACoLab #11"
A song
by Doug
(To play the song just click the "Play"triangle on left that the arrows are pointing to)
Acolab 11 121910.m...

Theme nine inspiration: Out of My Element
Doug has written, along with some friends, a 3-disc set with a song for every element on the periodic table.  It just so happens that there was recently an official name given to Unumbium.  Please listen to this song to learn more and you can check out more about the discs Periodically on Doug's website.  You will be glad you did- songs to teach and make you laugh using many different types of music.
Copernicium 101710...

Theme eight inspiration: Your Favorite Song
My Favorite Song
by Doug
My Favorite Song 1...

Theme five Inspiration: The phrase "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future"
"Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future"
Digital Collage

Theme Three :  Title "This Pattern is Perfect For_______" (Theme Three blog post) 
This Pattern Reminds Me
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Theme One: Photograph (Link to Theme One blog post)
The City is Red
Digital Photography 
Doug drove around thinking about the lyrics but then suddenly had this image of sharks approaching the people on the boat.  Here are both:


Tobias Scott said...

the sharks are not nearly as scary as that cat hehe

Chashway said...

But you have to admit, a kitty is always nice to have in any setting :). Beautiful work!

Chashway said...

Beautiful work BTW.

Anika said...

Wow doug, that's some guitar solo! Is that a Chuck Watt revisited??