Theme number one - Submissions

It is so fun to see how everyone interprets the same photo in different creative ways.  Thanks to everyone who submitted something for the first theme!  (I thought it may just be me!)  Below are the submissions in the order that I received them.  I hope that you join in for the ones in the future.   Should you want to know more about a certain work or about the artist that created it just click on their name or on the link off to the side of the page.

Theme One - The Inspiration
The original photo that served as our inspiration was found in a container of old family slides.  (I think my dad took this one.)  The image was never color corrected but I love it.
Ice-Scream Man
Mixed Media 
by Anika

Ego Over Manhattan
Digital Photography
by Ego

A Sea of Endless Possibilities to Reach One Goal
Digital Painting
by Andrea

The City is Crazy
Digital Painting
by Tobias

The City is Red
Digital photography and Song
by Doug
(The photo accompanies a song.  Check back to listen to the song - technical difficulties..)

 Samson & Mia
Digital photography
by Stephanie

If you would like to submit anything inspired by the original image just submit it and I will post it.  Thanks for visiting!

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