I've been talking about this for years!

Sometimes the me that gets tired of hearing myself blab on about something I want to do gets off her ass and does something about it.  Bravo that part of me for getting to it!  So here is is- the site for all of us and anyone to post their own interpretations of the weekly/monthly themes.  So sharpen your pencils, tune your guitars, start tippy-tapping that keyboard, focus that lens.  It's time to get started!

For info on how to go about submitting and that sort of thing click here.  For any other unanswered questions feel free to send me an email/message.  Thanks in advance for participating.  It will be interesting to see all of our different interpretations of the same subject matter and also to see what new inspirations will come from it.  Oh, and the more the merrier-spread the word!  Also, if anyone has any ideas for new theme ideas let me know.

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