Inspiration #30 - Haunted

Hello and welcome to round thirty of the ACoLab!  Thank you to everyone who submitted their creations inspired by the word "Haunted".  I was hoping to gather some of the Halloween spirit and as usual am loving the diversity- photographs, music, a movie, and fiction too!  As always, please click on an artist's name or visit the Artists Page for more information about a particular entry or person. 

Brooding Brothers

Movie and soundtrack
by John

Haunted by...

13 kinds of ghost
a collection of haunted hint fiction by Tia and Matt
{hint fiction - “a story of 25 words or fewer that suggests a larger, more complex story.” (Robert Swartwood)}
She watched the execution dry-eyed, one hand to her stomach.

Feels No Cold
Laughter echoed through each room of the house. He prayed none of it would make it into his boxes.

She still remembers the text message. “I am sorry I cannot meet you forever. I am sorry I have to cheat you. -Alessio”

Untitled (2 Years Later)
Charlie flicked dirt to cover her droppings. She sniffed that hard white thing before her. It looked like what the dog chewed, only much smaller.

Her Eyes
Hollowed-out, a pale blue that seemed to suggest an ocean behind the irises. They search their surroundings wildly, seeking something unspeakable.

Speak to Me
Anne, where are you? I can’t see anything, but I hear something. I think it’s breathing.

The leftover rain made drippity sounds. They lulled her and the children to sleep, the 3 in one bed together.
‘S how they were found.

Lest Ye Become
Barnes was certain that was his own face staring at him, reflected in the dark pool of blood on the street.

The wind sounded like a scream and brought smells of burning. Celia watched her little ones play dolly. She failed to see the needle.

The mirror was cool under her hand at first. The warmth came in the instant before the fingers closed around hers through the glass.

Imaginary Friend
It wasn’t Bella, it was the naughty one. Mommy didn’t understand. Bella tried to mind her beeswax, but the naughty one hated the new baby.

Checking In
Your seat has been prepared in advance, sir. Yes, we knew you’d be along eventually. Now come, join us.

Always and Forever
Smell and warmth in the bed, even on the coldest nights. Ease and happiness in the glow of the bedroom that seems to permeate the darkness until morning, she smiles.
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by Doug
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Thanks for visiting the Artist's Collaborative Laboratory.  Also, many thanks to Ana for submitting our next inspiration, Light and Shadows!  I hope to see you all back here for that.  Light and Shadows will be due on the 5th of November.  If you would like to participate please do! Happy creating!


Anika said...

Great entries everyone! Really love the diversity of the post. They all capture the theme of haunted so well. It's funny how all of the submission for this theme seem to beg for answers or lead to intriguing that!

The hint fiction is interesting as it really does leave a lot to the imagination...I wonder if some would have seemed so sinister or haunting if I didn't know the prompt. Inspiring stories how it leads and leaves a lot with the imagination.

Joanna- The subject and the way in which your photo is presented prompts a story as the mood the frame and grit add as well!

The song is cool too Doug, it's odd and intriguing, definitely something very haunting about it...

I also really like the movie John. That soundtrack is fabulous too!

Lisa Gordon said...

LOVE your haunted image!
So nicely done!