New Joy and Haunted Extension

Here is the latest contribution to Teagan's Permanant Inspiration, "Joy".  This photograph comes to us from Ana.    If you would like to contribute to the ACoLab please do.  There are ongoing and monthly inspirations you can contribute to with any form of art...really anything that comes to mind.  The next deadline for the ACoLab has been extended by a few days.  October 23rd is now the deadline to submit for "Haunted". 

Thanks Ana for spreading your take on Joy!  Be sure to visit Ana's artist page to see her other submissions.  As always, thanks for visiting the ACoLab and happy creating!

there are two joyful stories about this photo. the first one is the best. it was the first day this little boy was driving his bicycle without the training wheels (his mother told me). and he was really unstoppable and having so much fun. the second one is the small fact that this shot is my first good 'panning' ever! it's a technique we can do in manual mode, I deliberately chose a slow shutter speed and followed the little racer as he moved from right to left to get the blurred background and his picture sharply in focus. YAY! for both of us


Anika said...

That is a special moment you captured! Perfect timing and so full of Joy indeed.

I still need a lot of practice with did a great job!

Anonymous said...

thank you dear :)