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Ana is from Portugal, has a Degree in Social Communication, was a professional journalist for 12 years and is a holistic teacher since 2004. She is retired since 2010 due to health issues. At first she didn't know what to do with all the free time but then she bought her first DSLR in July 2011, a Nikon D90, and felt in love with Life again.  Ana is also learning how to use Photoshop and having so much fun. She loves to capture all the little things in her daily life. Living with a few cats, they're a source of inspiration when she is not well to go outside. She blogs about all her findings in Wonderland a special place to share dreamy pictures and happiness. She also has an Etsy shop 'Wonder Design' and a weekly photo challenge 'Earth Wonders' -  take a look, get inspired and join in.

Submission for #31 {Light and Shadows}

Submission for the Permanent Inspiration, Joy   
there are two joyful stories about this photo. the first one is the best. it was the first day this little boy was driving his bicycle without the training wheels (his mother told me). and he was really unstoppable and having so much fun. the second one is the small fact that this shot is my first good 'panning' ever! it's a technique we can do in manual mode, I deliberately chose a slow shutter speed and followed the little racer as he moved from right to left to get the blurred background and his picture sharply in focus. YAY! for both of us

Submission for #29 {It's All An Illusion}
"Seeing Double"

Submission for #28 {Seeing Red}
Taken at Serralves Park, Porto, Portugal

Submission for #27 {Perfect Timing}
I love to capture them yawning, it's such a treat!

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