Inspiration #31 - Light and Shadows

Whew!  Sorry it took me a bit to get this post up!  I planned on posting everything yesterday but then lost all Internet.  The idea of writing a post from my phone still seems a bit too hardcore for me.  But here we have it- round #31.  Thanks again to Ana for submitting this round's inspiration of "Light and Shadows".  As always, just click on an artist's name or visit their artist page to learn more about their submission or to see more from that artist.

"Day into Night"
Photograph by Anika

Photograph by John R.

by Ana

"Light and Shadow"
Photographs and words by Joanna

Smile and the world will smile back.
I love how light and shadow dance with one another.

"Light and Shadow"
Photograph by Lisa

Thanks for visiting the ACoLab.  If you would like to join in the fun, please do!  Round #32, "Going with the Flow", seems like it will be a challenge.  But I find that some of the best creations happen with prompts like this; the ones that leave me clueless until inspiration finally shows itself.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with and hope to see you back here on the 20th for that.  If you don't want to wait you can submit to a Permanent Inspiration at any time and there are also monthly inspirations that can be submitted any time during a month.  Happy creating!

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