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My name is Lisa Gordon and I am a hobbyist photographer living in the United States.  Aside from my family, a camera is my very best friend.  I have been interested in photography ever since my Dad allowed me to use his old Polaroid and Brownie cameras to take photographs.  I put this interest aside for several years as life “happened,” but over the past several years have begun to devote time to it once again.  A lot of time!

My interests range from Polaroid to digital, to alternative photography processes, such as lumen prints.  I am not only interested in the photograph itself, but also in the technical aspects used to make the photograph.  I am definitely not a purist when it comes to editing, as I enjoy this process almost as much as I enjoy getting the photograph.

Most of my work is digital and nature-based, with a special love for macro flower photography.  I also enjoy photographing weathered buildings, covered bridges, and when I am very lucky, street scenes.  When not at my day job as a university instructor, I can usually be found behind my camera, or behind my computer.

Please visit Lisa's beautiful blog and join in her project, The Creative Exchange. 

Submission for #31 {Light and Shadows}
"Light and Shadow"
{You can see this image, as well as another from this series, here.}

Submission for the Permanent Inspiration, Joy
"Angel's Parasol"

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