Inspiration #32 - Going with the Flow

Thanks to John and Teagan for sharing their inspired creations!  I know this was kind of a tricky theme but you two made it look effortless, fun, and entirely beautiful.  The next inspiration is due on the 5th of December {unless you want to hop right in with one of these or these} and is open to anyone who would like to participate.  The theme for round #33 is FOUND.

Have a great holiday for those of you celebrating this week and thanks for visiting the ACoLab!

"Breathe Like the Ocean"

Song by John
{Click the title to listen to the song, click here to read the lyrics.  It's beautiful; take a listen.}

"It's What They Do"

Hope to see you back here on the 5th!

1 comment:

Anika said...

John and Teagan...really impressive work, love them both!

John, I played my video while listening to your song and noticed it goes right in time...I wouldn't have ever put this video to your music but like that they seem to go along nicely ;)

You know, Teagan's image actually has a movement that fits your song too...I can imagine the motion of her hovering over the waves to the music, very nice.

Thanks you guys for making this round so pretty!