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The ACoLab is proud to have John aboard.  John is a skilled musician specializing in ambient compositions.  He has been a part of numerous bands including The French Broads, The Elements, and The Westside Daredevils, and also has released his own albums Ohm (one of my favorite albums to listen to) and Rainbrella which I also highly recommend.  Actually, you can download the whole album for free!  John is also a founding member of the Knoxville Ambient group. You can download a sampler album which also features a track by fellow ACoLab members Anika and Doug.   Besides creating music, John also has a great eye for photography and video.  Lately he has been creating music to go along with abstracted video.  

Inspiration #32 {Going With the Flow}

{Click the title to listen to the song.  It's beautiful, please do take a listen.}

We could fight but I don't know
if being right's worth coming to blows
We could ruin tonight going toe to toe
I think I might just go with the flow

We both can't be wrong
We both can't be right
But who in this song on this Thanksgiving Night could really be worth all the sorrow we'll surely be feeling tomorrow

It feels like giving in oh but it's not
it all depends on your pattern of thought taking into account the battle fought and the amount we spent for naught


Inspiration #30 {Haunted}

Theme twenty-seven inspiration: Perfect Timing
Collaboration with Anika.  John wrote and recorded the soundtrack.

Theme twenty-four inspiration:  Drama
"Drama Queen"
A song by John

1. You've got a need
to use the skills you were given
to manipulate
We're agreed
that the life you're living
may not be that great

(prechorus) But you can't see
anybody else's problems but yours
and sympathy
doesn't come so easy anymore
the novelty
of making problems bigger than they were before you could be a nominee for some kind of Academy Award
You're such a drama queen
and everybody knows exactly
what I mean
when you make the world stop
and pay attention to you
while you make your scene
but it's never as bad as you make it seem no it's never as sad as you want to believe

2.You've got a plan
to get everybody's heart
into putting out your fire
down to the man
you can get it started
but in the end everyone's tired

3. And so you run
folks off faster
there's no one left to play
so you move on
to greener pastures
in time for the matinee

Theme six inspiration: "Shadow"
It was a beautiful sunset and I took a bunch of photos around our house. This is the fading light reflecting off our recycling bin.

"Bits of My Past, Pieces of the Future"
"Hot Summer Day"

Hot Summer Day  
It's a hot summer day and I think I lost a beat 
I'm not thinking straight because of the heat 
If I evaporate it would be bittersweet chocolate melting away on hot concrete 
there's gotta be a way for me to cheat 
everything I say is incomplete 
On This Hot Summer Day  
Back in the cold I couldn't believe 
the heat would get old enough to relieve 
inside the household that I never leave 
And if you had told me on Christmas Eve 
in my overcoat, under my sleeves 
I'd call a misquote, no chance of misery 
On this hot summer day  
But here I stand covered in sweat 
hopelessly fanned and wringing wet 
a desperate man never forgets 
to meet the demand, losing a bet 
we should've planned but don't get upset 
get in command of your best etiquette 
on this hot summer day  
I have to believe the heat's gonna break 
one of these days and it'll be great
 until then we'll just sit and bake 
and play guitar 
cuz that's who you are 
so play it 
it's hot...

Theme Three:  Title "This Pattern is Perfect For_______" (Theme Three blog post) 
This Pattern Is Perfect For Causing a Seizure‏ 
Music and Video


Anika said...

Man, you sure do write the catchiest songs!

I hum the Hot Summer Day song long after it has stopped playing!

R Montalban said...

I am likin' your music.

Anika said...

John- your Shadows image is so beautiful!! I love the lighting, great image!! Such a simple thing that shadow was to create such a dramatic image...

Anika said...

Another really beautiful song with "Go with the Flow"...really pretty harmonies.