Artist Page - Deborah Julian

Deborah Julian is a talented photographer who has a unique eye for graphic details.  I find the her use of contrast and lighting particularly interesting.  In the wide world of photographers she sets herself apart with her own unique style.
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Listings in order from newest submission to the oldest.

Theme Five Inspiration: The phrase "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future"
"Brighton Beach Subway" and "Subway Shadows"
I took these photos a few weeks ago in Brighton Beach Brooklyn, an interesting old Russian neighborhood near Coney Island. At first look this neighborhood seems a throwback to the past with its old shops and markets. It is one of the few New York City neighborhoods that still has an elevated subway train which creates beautiful shadows on the street below. But many young people also live in the area, such as the woman on the subway platform.

Theme Three:  Title "This Pattern is Perfect For_______" (Theme Three blog post) 
This Pattern Is For Real 
I always have an eye for geometric patterns when I am shooting and I love to contrast nature with man made elements.  Norwegian Trees and Geometric Landscape were taken in Norway. Twilight was shot in Reykjavik Iceland.
"Twilight  (Street Scene)"
 "Norwegian Trees" 

"Geometric Landscape"


Tobias Scott said...

The Norwegian trees piece has a very bizarre sense of depth to it and the lighting in Twilight is amazing with the cold blue, warm gold, cold blue, warm gold; that with the empty windows, empty bus and lonesome pedestrians makes it really eery, i liked them a lot.

Anika said...

I really love theme five too... It really fits the theme perfectly. Beautiful images!