Theme Three Submissions

Wow, this inspiration brought forth all sorts of new talent and the most diverse range of entries thus far.  It's exciting.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  Enjoy!  Here are the entries in order of submission.

The Inspiration-  Title  "This Pattern is Perfect for ________________"

This Pattern Is Perfect for Success
Digital Painting
by Tobias

This Pattern is Perfect for Showing the World That You Are A Well-Rounded Dork
Crochet Pattern

This Pattern Is For Real
Photography (3 Images)
by Deborah

This Pattern is for Compulsive/Obsessive
by Ego

This Pattern Is Perfect For Causing a Seizure‏
Music and Video
by John

This Pattern Reminds Me
by Doug
This Pattern Remin...

This Pattern is Perfect for Interpretation
Photography,drawing,digital art (10 Images, 4 shown here and the rest are on Anika's Artist Page)
by Anika


Well, there ya go!  Thanks again to all participants.  I will be posting the next inspiration soon.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list (or removed from the list) just let me know by using the "Submit Here" link to the left. If you are interested in learning more about any of the above entries or about a particular artist click on their artist page.  (Links for artist pages are located to the left.) Thanks for visiting the Artists Collaborative Laboratory!


Ashley Sisk said...

These are all great - I've gotta jump in there and start entering my work. Sometimes it takes me a little bit before I feel ready to jump in.

Anika said...

I know just what you mean-It took me five years to get this project going!

I look forward to you being a part of the fun! Thanks for looking!!

Tobias Scott said...

Woooaah!! Everybody really turned it up a notch this time, they're all so awesome. Wish the compulsive/obsessive by ego didn't have a time bar at the bottom so you didn't know how much of it was left, hehe. Doug's making me think songs would be awesome to submit too. Very very impressed by all of them this time.

Anika said...

I totally agree. This round of submissions had a lot of variety and skill! Yours is great by the way!