Theme Four Submissions

This go-around I felt compelled to chose an inspiration that was quite literal.   For me, the theme felt more difficult because it was so specific.  I wasn't alone either.  But for others it was a welcome invitation to share unique perspectives of summer.  The results were much more personal and intimate this time.  A special welcome to our two new members- Ashley and Mary Jane.  Glad to have you in the Lab!  So without further ado, here, finally, in order of submission, are round four's entries.  Enjoy!
Theme Four - The inspiration: The words "Hot Summer Day"

Hot Summer Day
by John
(Please see John's artist page to read the lyrics!)
Hot Summer Day.mp3

Hot Summer Day
by Ashley

Hot and Bothered.  Where's the A/C??

Photographs and story
(Please see Andrea's page for the accompanying story)

Mr. Ice-Scream Man
by Ego

Day at the Beach
by Anika

So there you have it!  And again, sorry it took too long to post them!  But vacation couldn't wait!!  I am so glad you all participated and I hope to see you in the lab for round five!  Happy creating!

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Ashley Sisk said...

These are all such wonderful interpretations of summer. I'm so glad to be participating!