Theme Five Submissions!

Theme number five's inspiration was "Bits of the past, pieces of the future".  This could be interpreted in any way and in any medium desired.  I am very happy to announce we picked up two newcomers this round.  Welcome to Erica and to Vidya!  Here are this month's submissions in order of submission.  To learn more about an artist or particular piece just link up to that artist's artist page.  Thanks to all who participated!  To those who would like to join in the fun there please do.  Round six is now underway!
Theme Five - The inspiration: The phrase "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future"

 "Brighton Beach Subway" & "Subway Shadows"

"Bits of My Past, Pieces of the Future"
by Ashley 

"Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future" 
Photo collage 
by Doug 

"Bits of the past,  parts of the present, and pieces of the future"
Photography and digital collage

"Past Future"
by Erica 

"Mother Stephie's chocolate chip cookies" 
Digital collage

"Mother and Baby"
by Vidya 

 "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future"
by John
Bits of the Past, ...

Like Father, Like Son
by Joanna

Thanks to everyone for making this such a great round! 


Vidya said...

Thank you Anika for creating this wonderful platform to showcase who we really are...

Deborah Julian Cat Art said...

Yes, Thanks Anika for giving us this wonderful platform. I love seeing all the different interpretations.

Anika said...

I love it too!! Thanks! I enjoy seeing how we all interpret things differently but I love even more seeing a bit into peoples imaginations. I am so happy you are all a part of the fun.

lauren carney said...

your blog is really something special.
I am enlightened by all of the loveliness each photo has to offer.
Thanks for the inspiration!
happy blogging x x

R Montalban said...

I have a great i-phone entry for this!

Anika said...

Thanks Lauren! So sweet of you to say. I am glad you like it! Feel free to join in the fun!

RM- can't wait!! Glad you are on board!