Round 5 and 6 news

Just wanted to post a bit more about round five.  Firstly, John's song is now up and running.  I am calling it "middle eastern sci-fi".  Intrigued?  It's a great song and worth a listen.  One other thing, another new artist sent in a submission for round five's Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future. Take a look at Joanna's photograph "Like Father, Like Son", it's beautiful.  Thanks for jumping aboard the ACoLab Joanna!  I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

Round 6 is upon us.  The deadline is this Sunday, three days from now!  I hope to see you in the lab!  (I won't be posting in the lab until a few days after that so feel free to send in something late if you need an extra day or two.)  Have a good weekend!

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an9e1a said...

I'm hoping to have my entry in sometime tomorrow! :)

ps. I've got a tiny something for you at my place.