Artist Page - Vidya

Vidya's paintings are an amazing thing to examine.  Her use of color and the way she applies paint to the canvas make for a style all to her own.  Her work is a must see!  You can see her very soulful paintings and photos via her blog.  Here are her submissions starting with the newest first.

Theme ten inspiration: Dreamland
"His Dreams"
This is a painting I gifted my very special friend on her 91st birthday.

Theme nine inspiration: "Out of My Element"
  "Out of My Element"
It was my first Halloween and I wore this beautiful mask loaned by my friend and I was really out of my element as I partied till wee hrs!

Theme eight inspiration:  "Your Favorite Song"
"Birthday Song"
by Vidya 
I just love a simple "Happy Birthday Song" anytime.  Albeit this picture is taken during baby shower for babies bringing joy and happiness to all of us.

Theme seven inspiration: Full Circle
"Full Circle"
Beet Heart Cookies & 3 Photographs
I created these Beet Heart Cookies and realized that Life has to come to a full circle for these cookies to Taste Good.
Without baking at high temp they won't taste their best!

Theme Six - The inspiration:  "Shadow"
"The Shadow"
Only we know: The shadows from the past and the present!

Theme Five- The inspiration: "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Present"
"Mother and Baby"
I painted this when I tried to become a mother and couldn't.  When I gather courage I want to become a mother at least once.


Anika said...

Vidya, you have captured something so beautiful...I could look at this painting for days. Thanks for sharing your talent and very personal experiences with all of us. We are very lucky.

Srinivas said...

lots of hidden talent surfacing i must say, Vidya just hope you can sustain it you seem to have a lot of plans on your plate!

Unknown said...

I know you personally and your creative thought process amazes me, as its so unique each time. Be it painting or flower decoration or even your cooking skills. They all deserve appreciation and its good that the talent gets recognized through this medium.

Vidya said...

Anika, Thanks again :)

Srinivas, you are getting to know me only now I must say :) This has been my paasionate hobby since childhood.

Madmax, Thanks for your kind words.

Anika said...

Great technique on Shadows submission Vidya! You have a true talent! There's no question who that is...

Vidya said...

Thanks Anika, I feel honored by this recognition.

Anika said...

Dreamland comment - Vidya, I think your paintings are so have a style all your own.