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Erica is a woman of many talents.  However, music is definitely her passion.  If you ever have a question about music, forget the Internet, just go to Erica.  The ACoLab is so happy to have her on board.  You can check out Erica via her blog.
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Theme Five - The inspiration, "Bits of the Past, Pieces of the Future"
I collected figurines when I was a little kid and when my father sent me a piece of furniture (it was a wedding present from his marriage to my mom and he held on to it for me for a million years) there were some of my figurines in one of the drawers.  Though beat up with broken wings and scuffed noses to me they are still perfect.  This summer in my unemployment I have started crafting and I like using felt.  I chose a question mark because the future has lots of possibilities.  Especially if you seize them at the right moment.

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Anika said...

It's cool, don't know if you intended it to be this way, but before I read your story behind the image (for theme five)I thought the felt was a modern swan and not a question mark. Cool!