Inspiration #24 - Drama

It's funny how one simple word can be so challenging.  "Drama" is the prompt for round #24 and here are the submissions.  Thanks to those of you who submitted!  I think they're FANTASTIC!  As usual, click on the artist's name if you would like to learn more about their submission, read lyrics, or see other entries from past inspirations.  Thanks for visiting the ACoLab!

"Drama Queen"
A song by John
{Please give the upload a second after pressing the play button.  This song is fantastic and well worth a little wait.}

A photo by Danijela

"July's Show"
Photos by Anika
Hope to see you back here for round 25!  Due August 5th, join in with "Falling".  As always, you can participate anytime with the extra inspirations or create something from the ongoing inspirations.  Happy creating!

PS- I have had a couple requests to send out email reminders for upcoming deadlines.  If this is something you would like you can just let me know via the submit entry link on the left sidebar or leave a comment here with an email address.

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Carrie said...

love these submissions :)
I'd love an e-mail reminder from now on, my head is a sieve as you well know xxxxx