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Danijela joined our group during round number seven.  Her photograph showed such beautiful color, composition, and the subject matter had me wanting to know more.  So I popped over to her blog  

Although Danijela is from Slovenia, she currently resides in Germany.  So, when you visit her blog don't make the same mistake I did the first few times...there is a "translate" option at the top of your page.  However, what popped out to me those first few visits without understanding the text were, of course, the images.  I kept going back to see more!  Here photos tell their own story quite effectively.  Danijela is a wonderful story teller through imagery.  When I asked her to tell me a bit more about herself she revealed that she not only enjoys photography but loves to create children's art, and table decorations and centerpieces.  Intriguing, right??  I can't wait to see more.  If you are like me then please pop over to her blog and enjoy these submissions from past themes.

Submissions are listed from the most current to the oldest.

Theme twenty-four inspiration:  Drama
This photo was taken of my daughter having just woken up after a midday sleep. She is afraid of flies and that you can see on the photo. She was screaming and waving with her "Nana". It was a real drama.

Theme fourteen inspiration: Inside the Heart
 "Inside the Heart"
To view this entry the way Danijela intended please visit her blog.  
(Please excuse any errors below due to translation.)
This is the look inside my heart.  Children, colours, making something (and of course the man of the house) But I Could not put houses big hands inside of this heart.  

Theme ten inspiration: Dreamland
"Allowed to Dream"
(The following is copied from Danijela's blog.  The translation tool is shabby at times so please take a look at her original post here.)

In the time preceding them, which comes, most people think about life.  Often, we look back to the previous year or the year tuhtamo what was good, bad, what goals we have achieved and what we failed. We are doing big plans for the future. Some made large (for individual) decisions (I'm not exactly the kind of thing).

And this holiday time, That is comming, WE often start Tues think about good and bad, and life. We often look back, think about What WE did right, What WE accomplished and trap year (or years), What WAS bad and What are the Plans for next year. Some people often make Big Decisions COR plan (I'm not really Into this).

I'm thinking about the world around them. The snob in high places and the small people, about justice, which is rare, about how we are apathetic, the ice melts, about the differences and diversity that exists only in our minds.  Yeah, I know. I'm a little weird. I was already povedali.Večkrat.:)

I usually think about world around me. About snobs on high little Positions and people, about fairness That is RARE, notes about doing anything, That is about ice melting, about Differences That exist only and Our heads.  Yes, I know. I'm a little strange. I Heard That Already. Several times. :)

I dream.  This is the only thing that gave it no one can take it.  You can dream of a better life (I can not complain of his). I dream of equality, about not seeing color, shape, age, past or money man. I dream about life without envy and hypocrisy.

I dream. That is one thing That no one CAN Take Away from me. I can dream about Better Life (it's not, That I'm complaining about mine). Dream about Being Equal, that see no color, no shape, no age, no trap COR to See no money of one Person. I dream about Envy no, no about Hypocrisy.

I dream at this moment captured in a photograph.  Different ages, different ethnic history, different languages, different living conditions. But notice the difference?  In their world, without obstajajo.To the world of children, while the fairy-tale world where dreaming.

With this dream I captured the moment on the photo.  Different age, background national Different, Different languages, Different Life Conditions. Do you see the Difference?
It does not really exist and Their World. It's Children's World and my dreamland.

Theme eight inspiration: Your Favorite Song
"Empire State of Mind"
Photograph and Story
(You can link to Danijela's post for this submission here)

Don't know the song?  Here, take a listen.

Round seven inspiration: Full Circle
"Full Circle"

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