Theme number 7 submissions

Look at this!  Submissions for round seven!!
Great variety this round.  This is a very interesting collection - The interpretations for the theme of "Full Circle" include paintings, photos, and cooking.  The ideas behind the "Full Circle" were interpreted so differently too...just goes to show how we all can see the same inspiration in such different ways.  Thanks to all the participants as you make this site a great spot to be inspired to create even more!  And a very special welcome to our newest artist, Danijela!  To learn more about a particular piece or artist click on that artist's page (links on the left sidebar).  To see any of the images larger just click on the image.  Thanks for visiting the Lab and without further ado, enjoy.

Inspiration: Full Circle

 "Around the World" 
Photo and digital creation 
by Ashley

"Family Generations"
2 Photos and Poem 
by Joanna
Yesterday is prehistory
which follows history
and comes before a tomorrow's mystery
sounds very blistery
and I suppose it is, as each one is a story in itself!
A cake has some similarity
it doesn't always give satiety
you can be the first, last, or somewhere in the middle
and even when you are the icing on the top, being a slice can be a fiddle
It can be a comfort and delight
a support to tell you everything will be alright
indeed a powerful might
and like generations before, gone in a flash!

"Full Circle"
Beat Heart Cookies
by Vidya

"Full Circle"
30 Photographs
by Anika

"Full Circle"
by Danijela

 "Full Circle"
Painting & Poem
by Angela
Toes curl around;
Line up behind heels,
Looking up at the rainbow
That brought back my smile.

"Full Circle"
by Stephanie
There you have it, round seven!  Thanks again to everybody for making it such a great round.  I hope to see you all again for round eight! 


R Montalban said...

It is great to see everyone's interpretations which are all great.

an9e1a said...

Yes, I love them all!! :)