Artist Page - Angela

I am just getting to know Angela.  She strikes me as a talented woman full of strength and inspiration.  You can share in her inspiration, photos, and her heart-felt musings on her blog, The Angela Project.  Thanks Angela for joining the Lab!  We look forward to getting to know you better!!
Here are Angela's submissions in order of newest to oldest.

Theme seven inspiration: Full Circle

"Full Circle"
by Angela
Toes curl around,
Line up behind heels,
Looking up at the rainbow
That brought back my smile.

Theme six inspiration: "Shadow"
This picture's pretty simple, but something about it just draws me in. I guess it's a bit weird to be amazed with your own shadow at 33 yrs old, but I am.


Anika said...

I agree that there is something very compelling about the lighting...I also think the size of your shadow and the large background make you even tinier, intriguing! Glad you joined in the fun!

an9e1a said...

Thank you so much, Anika! For your kind comment and for setting up my page!! The sun was setting behind me in this photo. Maybe that's what contributed to the lighting effect. :)