Theme number 8 - Submissions

Well, looks like this round stumped some of the best of 'em!  I received a few messages that it was just too difficult.  However, those that did submit, a special thank you and congrats!  Joanna was even able to do two submissions!!  I thought this was very challenging too, I struggled until the last possible moment.  I think that when I was thinking of the idea for this theme I thought "A favorite song...hmm, that could be inspirational."   That thought soon turned into "what was I thinking?!"  I think that the idea of picking one song out our many favorites ended up being a bit overwhelming.  I had to tell myself to pick song rather than thinking I had to pick the song.  Here however are some very creative interpretations of the theme!  I hope to see you back in the Lab for round 9.  And if you have never participated before please think about doing so...more the merrier!   Until then, happy creating!

Round 8 inspiration - "Your favorite song"  For more information about each entry just visit that artist's page.  Links to artist pages can be found on the left sidebar as well as by clicking the artist's name in this post (the hyperlink).  For this special theme I also included a video or audio of the song each artist picked (also located on the artist page).

"Why start a battle when you don't have to?"
Story and 8 Photographs
by Joanna

Empire State of Mind
Photograph and Story

My Favorite Song
by Doug
My Favorite Song 1...

Rocky Raccoon
Photos and Story
by Joanna

No need to bring in the police, or send me to jail
Will you let me out on bail?
I will keep my thoughts clean, read on and that will be seen!
I was just being a goon!
unless you want to bring in a sheriff at a local saloon 
in the form of the Beatles song Rocky Racoon!
That would be just dandy!

Tropicalia in Tennessee
Digital Collage
by Anika

Birthday Song
by Vidya

There you have them, round 8. Thanks to those of you who were able to participate this round!  I hope to see you all for round 9!  The next inspiration, Out of My Element, is due on October 26th.


Ashley Sisk said...

These are really great! Congrats to everyone that did submit this round. Well done.

Anika said...

These are great everyone! Thanks for participating!!

Doug, I think your song is quite lovely. I can listen to it over and a favorite song indeed!!

John Baker said...

Great song Doug!

Paula said...

what a great blog! looks so delicious!

have a nice time!