Inspiration #22 - Something that frightens you

Whew!  Back with power and back on the Internet!!  So here we finally have round 22's submissions.  I was thrilled to see a few artists we haven't seen in awhile as well as meet our newest artist, John R.  Welcome John!

If you would like to participate in the ACoLab please do.  Read more about how to submit here. You can find our upcoming bi-monthly inspirations here and our anytime inspirations here.  I also have some new plans in store for the AColab coming up soon so stay tuned.  Remember, you can always click on an artist's name to learn more about a particular work/person or see more from that artist.  Thanks for visiting the lab and enjoy "Something that frightens you". 

"Watching Me"


by John R.

"Fossilized Grimace"

"All by Myself"

Thanks to everyone who submitted!  Hope to see you back here on the 5th for our next theme, "Space".  I am excited to see what "Space" brings as it can be interpreted in so many different ways! 


Anika said...

Great entries everyone! You all got deep on me ;)


R Montalban said...

So glad you are back with power, I really do love your prompts, and your extra inspirations (I did a post on my blog on Robert Frank last week!).

Great to see everyone's interpretations, and welcome to John R :-)

Valeria said...

So profound, great entries.

Ashley Sisk said...

These are really incredible. I had no idea what to do for this theme and these are wow.

Carrie said...

hey lovely - I changed the name of mine and did a wee post on my blog :)
Carrie xx