Inspiration #21 - Front page of the news

Thanks to all of those who submitted this week!  If you would like to join in the fun, please do.  Questions?  The theme for the next round is a creepy one...wonder what I was thinking of when it came to mind, "Something that frightens you".  I hope to see you all back here then.  As always, click on an artists name or visit their Artist Page to learn more about their submission or see others from the past.

Thanks for visiting the ACoLab!  Oh, and stay tuned, I have some new collaborative ideas in store for us all and hope you get as excited about them as I am.  Now, onto round #21, Front Page of the news.

"Front Page of the Newspapers"

by Anika
"Front Page of the News" 
by Ashley

by Stephanie

Thanks again to everyone who joined in round 21.  Hope to see you back here on the 20th!  And remember, you can submit an Extra Inspiration whenever you would like.


Steph said...

So glad i was able to join this time around, very cool submissions by all!

Anika said...

Love all the variety! Thanks everyone for making the Lab a great place to visit!