Inspiration 12 - Resolution

Here we have the first submissions for the new year!  Thanks to all who participated.  For those of you who would like to join in the fun, please do.  Deadlines are always on the 5th and 20th of each month.  Click here for future inspiration themes and here for extra inspiration.   The next theme is "Page 25 of a magazine you are reading" due on February 5th.  You can submit anything your imagination wants to create.  Have fun!  You can also choose from any of the "extra inspirations" to submit at any point during the month.  As always, should you care to learn more about a particular artist or one of the works below you can either click on the link of that artist's name (located on the left side bar) or click on the name in each submission.

I chose the word "Resolution" because it was January and the new year, time for resolutions.  But I wondered if anyone would take the word and use it in the sense of photography and resolution for the image.  Nope.  I chose to go the first route as well.  Here you have this rounds submissions, enjoy!

Digital Painting



Digital collage and drawing


Photographs and Words
by Joanna (See her page for more to this entry)
Thanks again to everyone who contributed; it's a great variety of work!  I hope to see you back in the Lab soon.


Anika said...

Beautiful work everyone! I really love seeing your work. Great variety this week!

HRANDICA said...

I'm sorry I couln't colaborate. I'll try next time. I love your work, It's so funy. Also Ashley's so beautiful and peaceful.

Steph said...

nice job everyone! Love how diverse they all are. Plus I am a sucker for a cute dog pic!

Lui said...

Totally cool! I'm hooked. ;-)

I have to warn you though. I compete with my dog Sweepy in the creatives department so please bear with us. :-0

Chelsea said...

What a great challenge!! Definitely want to participate next time!

Anika said...

Yay! Look forward to seeing you all for the next round!