Extra Inspired - Anika/Barnett Newman

When I was a little girl my dad took me to the MOMA in New York.  I wanted badly to see the modern art.  I didn't know anything behind the work of Mark Rothko, Mondrian, and other abstract expressionists but I loved to look at them.  I guess I can somehow get past the thought that it's a simple canvas with lines and squares or blocks of color and just fall in love with the design.  I know that the artists have a method and concept behind their work but a lot of times (since I am being honest) it seems to take away the beauty for me.  In fact I am more inclined to judge their work if I know that story.  I know, that's backwards...but this is one of the things that is so great about art-it's highly subjective and personal to everyone who makes it AND sees it.  In fact, when my dad (and keep in mind my dad loved art work and knew a lot about art from different areas of the world.  He collected paintings and sculptures from all over the globe) and I entered the area of Rothkos and Newmans my dad took a look around the room, paused, yelled out "Rubbish" and told me he would meet me later. See?  Subjective.

The other day while walking around I snapped a photo that reminded me of  Barnett Newman's "Black Fire". The lines and space seemed just like it.  The scene also reminded me of his Stations of the Cross paintings.  For example,this image to the right ,"Station 12".  Especially the way the pay draws off the white line.  The textures in the cement of the photo I took made me think of this one.

This is the photo I took...inspired by Barnett Newman.

Here's the thing:  I love abstract art.  But I love it even more when a common thing like the ground I walk on can inspire me or remind me of beautiful art.  It's everywhere...  I love that.


R Montalban said...

Love the picture you captured the texture and the composition. I too love abstract art (as you know). This is fantastic - love how you have these extra challenges.

HRANDICA said...

I love this post and your thinking. I have to know the story behind the work too. It's funny, but that way attraccts me more and it's not just canvas or paper any more.
Nice shot.

Steph said...

great shot and good eye to catch the similarities.